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a-citroen-world-rally-team-service-a-fans-view_0112Hardcore rally fans have reported that Moto GP star Valentino Rossi’s appearance at the final round of the 2008 World Rally Championship made it easier to get close to the action at the SA1 Service Park in Swansea city centre.


a-citroen-world-rally-team-service-a-fans-view_0136“There is normally a huge crowd around the Citroen service area and you can’t really see what is going on,” said Dani Sordo fanatic Adam Drane, adding: “Rossi’s appearance took the limelight off the real drivers and made it a lot easier to get close to the team and actually see what goes on when the cars come into the service park,”
At a 45 minute service a team of mechanics are able to turn a complete wreck into a car capable of winning the rally.

a-citroen-world-rally-team-service-a-fans-view_01202With an ability to change a suspension upright and hub and brake unit in five minutes and a whole gearbox in just ten minutes they are some of the best in the business and rally fans were clearly impressed by what they witnessed first hand.

Adam Drane said it was an amazing experience to watch the whole service and see how fast the mechanics work: “All the mechanics know what they are supposed to be doing and they even have time to give the car a clean down before it goes to Parc Ferme for the night,” he said, adding: “They are certainly a lot more efficient than the mechanics who fix my Corsa!”


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