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redkite09-no2The now familiar season opener treated us fairly well this year, (the weather held off until just after the last car!). With Damian Cole out before stage 1 Michael O’Brien took a well deserved, if expected, victory in his latest Focus WRC. Behind him Dave Brick took his ageing Impreza Gp.A car to second place, just over a minute back, with Geoff Underhill third in his Impreza WRC S9.

In the Historics Terry Brown took a comfortable victory from Gareth Lloyd. Behind the Escort MkII pairing David Stokes took third in his Escort MkI, after an event long battle with Lloyd. Mark Solloway retired on the final stage from what was second place, after setting fastest times on the mid event stages.

Still experimenting away here with the video, so please don’t expect anything top quality. All of the following are static viewpoints as we were busy capturing stills.

We start with Gareth Lloyd in his immaculate Escort MkII, on stage 1, Cefn –

Up next is one of the older cars making its way up the Esgair Dafydd stage –

Then the one and only David Stokes attacking Esgair Dafydd 2 –

Over to the moderns now and we will start on stage one with Geraint Mills as he showers the crowd with gravel –

Back over to Esgair Dafydd for the final two and first up is the winner Michael O’Brien –

Last up this occassion is Dave Brick, once again driving his Impreza like an Escort MkII –

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