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The Boucles De Spa Legend took place in Spa (Belgium) on 14th February. Their was a lot of snow and ice on the stages and with more than 280 historic cars was this probably the best rally of 2009.stouf-erard-boucles09

Some big names on the entrylist like Markku Alen (Tuthill Porsche), Robert Droogmans (Porsche), Patrick Snijers (Porsche), François Duval (Porsche), Grégoire De Mevius (RX7), Marc Duez (Manta 400), Bernard Munster (Porsche), Bruno Thiry (Kadett), Freddy Loix (Kadett),…

Belgian historic team Stefaan Stouf and Joris Erard took the start with their Ford Escort RS1600 BDA. The rally started very good on the first stage because they were fastest in front of all the big names ! But with a lot of snow and ice on the road the escort couldn’t climp up a small mountain and they lost a lot of time against the Porsches who had more traction! And with one flat tyre tyre lost some more time!

But with the fastest time on the only gravel stage, they climbed up in the results and they finished 8th overall after 17 stages.

On the podium almost everybody gave their congratulations to Stefaan & Joris with the beautiful driving style on the gravel stage!!

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