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race-retro-stage-09-59A short hop over to Stoneleigh this weekend for Race Retro, the show on Friday and then the rally stage on Saturday. Two main marques were celebrated at the show with the Aston Martin DBR1 which won Le Mans in 1959 taking pride of place. This was supplemented by the GT1 class winning DBR9 from the 2008 Le Mans race, along with a host of other racing (and rallying) Aston’s from the years inbetween.

The other car which was celebrated, and dominated the show in terms of sheer numbers, was the Mini. With the iconic car celebrating it’s 50th anniversary this year there was a show of force with the past Monte Carlo Rally winners, rallycross and autocross versions alongside the various Mini’s which competed in circuit racing from the British Touring Car races of the 60’s to current single make formulas.

The first video is just a few clips from the show on Friday. No live action as such just a closer look at a few of our favourites from the show –

The second video is purely from the Group B rally stage. Each car in turn with a few different angles from the stage. The highlight being the Aston Martin Vantage –

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