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Daily Archives: January 5th, 2010

Following recent announcements relating to the 2010 MSA Gravel Rally Championship, the Association of National Championship Rally Organisers are delighted to announce that Viking Motorsport has put up a fantastic prize for the winner of the Viking Motorsport Ford Escort Challenge.

Viking Motorsport proprietor Phil Mills has come up with a package which will see the driver who wins the series being offered a full post season inspection at Viking’s workshops (labour free) and in addition, they will receive a £500 voucher towards any Viking parts or OMP clothing. Read More »


AVL DiTEST, a member of the renowned AVL List group of automotive companies, is launching a revolutionary new in-cylinder pressure transducer at the Autosport Engineering Show, NEC, Birmingham, January 14/15. Called the DPM 800 (DPM stands for Dynamic Pressure Measurement), the new product comprises a unique spark plug with built-in pressure sensor. The so called Piezo plug system will not only help motorsport teams tune their engines where and whenever they wish, but also accurately gauge wear rates and potential longevity as the season progresses. Read More »