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11th edition – from 30 May to 4 June 2010

2010 stages: Paris (Place Vendome), Val de Loire, Vichy (Aletti Palace), Ardèche, Le Castellet (circuit & hotel), Finish at Monaco (Fairmont).

Luxury, getaways and travel
The one-of-a-kind, feminine style motor sport event which combines anti-gloom and anti-stress: the Princesses rally offers pure Springtime pleasure!

Princesses: Ready for a getaway? ready-for-a-getaway

Hit the road with us! From Paris to Monaco at the wheel of your favourite luxury or classic automobile, the 11th Annual Princesses Rally will be more pleasure-filled than ever before! Get into the swing of spring with the women’s motor sport event of the year. In short, it’s a rendezvous you won’t want to miss, for any reason whatsoever!

For all those who dream of a fantastic escape, a week away from the crazy day-to-day, an opportunity to savour and explore the French countryside with girlfriends

For all those who long to experience the excitement of a real road rally, with a feminine twist and a glorious collection of legendary rides. . .

For all those who fancy the idea of becoming an escape artist with pizzazz, the 2010 Princesses Rally will make all your wishes come true.

An exquisite blend of discovery, luxury and scenery, the Princesses Rally celebrated its 10th anniversary in style with a memorable 2009 edition. Based on the wisdom we’ve gained over the years, my team and I have perfected the recipe for excellence to fit your every whim.

So prepare yourself for six days of anti-stress, anti- gloom, fostering fabulous feelings on every level along the gorgeous little back roads of France.

A fresh, new itinerary
After three wonderful stays in Cannes, the 11th Princesses Rally is rekindling its love affair with Monaco, with a royal finish in the prestigious Principality.

Among the thrilling changes this year, we’ve cooked up a totally different itinerary: the 2010 rally will take you through the Auvergne region, across the Val de Loire and along no fewer than three never previously featured legs, including a stretch in the Ardeche and Provence regions, with a sportingly clever stint on the famous Le Castellet circuit, before rallying on the illustrious shores of Monaco. . .

A competitive, convivial spirit
Innovative, elegant, original. . . the Princesses’ Rally offers motor sport amateurs the pleasure of driving a classic or luxury automobile under perfect conditions; a chance to discover a new passion, to surprise and surpass yourself, to enjoy breathtaking landscapes and relax during ritzy stops. Connoisseurs will revel in the familiar ambiance of competitive fun and friendship they’ve helped us build up through the years, while rising to meet new challenges and the new tests we’ve devised.

So ladies, now is the time to forget everything people have tried to make you believe about motor sports. Hop into your dream set of wheels and live the adventure of a lifetime. It’s the ideal event for modern, passionate women!

See you on Sunday 30 May in the glamorous Place Vendome!

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Viviane Zaniroli
Tel: +33 1 5605 0526
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