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Andrew Siddall and Colin ‘Captain’ Thompson will fly half way around the world to contest the 2010 Roger Albert Clark Rally in their Ford Escort Mk1.

The Yorkshire-based crew are competing on two of the biggest events in historic rallying back-to-back and will have just three days to recover from jet lag before starting the Roger Albert Clark on Friday 26 November.

Siddall says that competing on the Silver Fern Rally in New Zealand and the Roger Albert Clark Rally in the space of two weeks will be the toughest challenge he has faced in historic rallying.

Siddall and Thompson will contest the week-long Silver Fern Rally in Nez Zealand in Siddall’s ex-Roger Clark Ford Escort Mk2, the car they used on the 2009 Roger Albert. That event finishes on Sunday 21 November and they will fly home through Monday and Tuesday via Los Angeles.

“The Silver Fern looks to be a fantastic event with some incredible stages,” said Siddall ahead of his first trip to New Zealand. “I’ll be absolutely done in by the end of the Roger Albert.”

The Mk2 was shipped to New Zealand in late July, while the Mk1 successfully completed the recent Trackrod Historic Cup in Yorkshire.

“Historic rallying is absolutely fabulous with great camaraderie. It’s how it used to be in years gone by,” said Thompson, the Cleckheaton playboy. “We went to Sweden in July and did the Midnight Sun Rally for four days and took fourth in class and 12th overall from 150 cars in Andrew’s ex-Roger Clark Mk2, LAR 800P.”

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