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Daily Archives: October 6th, 2011

The Historic Racing Drivers Club will present a package of races in 2012 to celebrate 50-years of the MGB as a competition car.

After an approach by Barry Sidery-Smith – the acknowledged ‘Godfather’ of MGB racing in the UK – the HRDC will host a collective of 30-minute, single-driver races for FIA-Appendix K-type historic MGB cars, with an invitation class for historically interesting MGB-derived race cars, such as the WSM MGB and the Jacques Coune-built MGB Berlinette. Read More »


The BMW compact cup race series has benefitted from a bespoke exhaust system designed and manufactured by UK market leader Klarius since the start of the season, providing clean emissions, controlled noise levels and plenty of power. Klarius arranged to supply racing spec exhaust systems to three BMW race series: the BMW Production Cup, BMW Compact Cup and BMW Z3 Cup and recently sponsored the Snetterton round of the championship. Read More »