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The Rally Queens moved a step closer to their goal of tackling the gruelling East African Safari Classic when Samira Khan and Anita Irwin completed the high speed Guru Nanak Rally over the weekend. Despite running on safety notes rather than pace notes the pair still placed their Escort well inside the top thirty at the finish of the 300 kilometre long rally.

Samira and Anita were using the Guru Nanak Rally, Round 7 of the Kenyan National Rally Championship, as a dry run ahead of the Classic Safari and thus opted to not do the recce and rather tackle the stages blind. This proved beneficial as it gave Samira an insight into what to expect on the forthcoming ten day marathon. Issues with a rear shock absorber during the day were also identified and the MMsport team can now make adjustments to ensure that the car runs reliably during the East African Classic Safari Rally. Samira; we are really pleased to have finished the Guru Nanak Rally. It was a very fast event and was using roads similar to what we will experience on the Classic. We had a few moments as both Anita and I adjusted to the notes but we learnt a lot during the day and it was plenty of fun! Now I return to the task of raising the rest of the sponsorship we require.

Samira and Anita now have less than a month before they travel to Mombasa for the start of the East African Safari Classic. This ten day marathon will take the crews from Mombasa through Amboseli and into Tanzania. The route then returns to Kenya and heads into the Rift Valley and up to Lake Baringo before heading back down to the Coast for the ceremonial finish.

Anyone interested in sponsoring the team should contact Geoff Mayes at as soon as possible.

Photos courtesy of Mayes Media

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