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The opening round of the 2012 Kenyan National Rally Championship saw a podium lock out for cars tuned on the Kick Dyno, proving once and for all that this state of the art machine benefits overall performance to modern machines, regardless of their purpose. The Mitsubishi Evo 9’s of event winner Carl “Flash” Tundo, reigning champion Ian Duncan and third place Alistair Cavenagh all benefited from recent visits to Sharpe Services in Karen, Nairobi to ensure that they were operating at peak efficiency.

The Kick Dyno, which was launched in May 2011, has fast become a major factor in Kenyan rallying but this machine, unique in East Africa as the first operational four wheel drive dynometer, also benefits road going vehicles. By combining a Unichip, which operates side by side with the manufacturer dedicated ECU and thus does not affect warranty; the Kick Dyno can improve fuel economy, performance, apply or remove speed limiters and generally ensure that your vehicle is running properly.

Carl Tundo, who also attributed his KCB Safari Rally win in 2011 to time spent on the Kick Dyno, won the Nyeri based event last weekend by over one and a half minutes from Ian Duncan with Alistair Cavenagh third, a further 1 minute 40 seconds further back.

For more information on the Kick Dyno please contact Simon on +254733612480 or drop an email to or visit

Photo of Carl Tundo and Tim Jessop courtesy of Mayes Media

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