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Kick Energy driver Simon Sharpe, co-driven by Crispin Kennedy, won the opening round of the Kenya Rally Raid Championship held this weekend on Tomlinson Ranch near Mt Kenya. The event saw almost forty entries split amongst cars, buggies, quads and motor bikes.

The pair, at the wheel of their V8 supercharged Platz hybrid, successfully overcame a variety of obstacles and a number of encounters with the local wildlife to dominate the event which was run by the Nanyuki Rally Group. Sharpe, who runs the only operational four wheel drive dyno in East Africa, was highly complimentary of the organisational team which only had ten days to put the event together. Simon, who is also the Chairman of the Rally Raid Commission, had this to say: “We had everything this weekend from technical roads to tricky navigation, plenty of wildlife to keep us on our toes and an enthusiastic organisational team. Well done to everyone involved and I personally would like to thank my co-driver and team because without them this victory would not have been possible.”

The event, which is the first of five rally raids in the 2012 championship, saw Sharpe engage in a fierce battle with the reigning champion, Nish Lakhani, on day one. Faultless driving and no navigational woes on the second day allowed Sharpe and Kennedy to gradually pull away to take the victory by a comfortable margin.

Photos courtesy of Mayes Media

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