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Daily Archives: March 13th, 2012

Rising star rally driver, Sara Williams, has had a double celebration; receiving a top driving award and finishing the Mid Wales Stages 12th overall in her newly overhauled Klarius Group sponsored Subaru Impreza.

Sara’s weekend started well with an invite to Silverstone Race Circuit, the venue of many British motorsport legends including the current F1 series, to collect the Louise Aitken-Walker Award for top placed rally driver in the British Womens Racing Driver Club (BWRDC). Read More »


Nissan DeltaWing experimental racecar to be powered by Nissan 1.6-litre DIG-T engine technology in this generation’s most revolutionary and exciting motorsport project

Read More »

Team Kibos survived a difficult and trying Biashara Banking Rally to bring both Raaji Bharij and Jaspreet Chatte to the finish in their respective Mitsubishi Evo 9’s. Raaji suffered from punctures caused by spectators placing rocks in the road and eventually ended the rally on three wheels whilst Jaspreet overcame a gear linkage problem and was overjoyed to see the finish ramp of such a complex event. Read More »