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The Rally Queens, Samira Khan and Chantal Young have clinched a vital new sponsor to join them in the action when this weekends 60th anniversary KCB Safari Rally gets underway on Friday afternoon. The pair, at the wheel of a classic Ford Escort Mk1, are aiming for a strong run on the three day marathon event.

Samira made history last year by becoming only the second woman, after former WRC rally winner Michele Mouton, to finish the gruelling nine day long Classic Safari Rally. She will use the very same 1969 Ford Escort to tackle the more compact KCB Safari Rally which was previously a round of the World Rally Championship. With the emphasis on longer sections tyre wear and traction will be a critical factor on this classic event and as such Samira is pleased to welcome DMACK Tyres on board for such a prestigious rally.

Although neither Samira nor co-driver Chantal Young have ever contested this event before Samira has plenty of experience of these roads after her fantastic top 30 finish on the Classic Safari last November. Samira; judging by the route we are using stages similar to those I tackled in November and I really enjoyed them. I am pleased to have DMACK tyres on board for this great event. I hope they will give me the edge in the Classic Cup battle. Chantal and I are currently second overall in the Classic Cup and my Uncle Aslam has promised me the use of his Porsche if I beat him… so the challenge is on!

The Classic Cup is a class within the KCB Kenyan National Rally Championship for cars built prior to 1976 and is hotly contested by a number of competitors. For the KCB Safari Rally these cars will run behind the more modern Group N cars but routinely set stage times that would place them inside the top 15, making them worthwhile watching.

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Photo “Samira’s DMACK tyre shod Ford Escort and the KICC” courtesy Mayes Media

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