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Young Briton Louise Cook cries out for British support. The British Female Rally Champion has performed impeccably in her debut World Rally Championship season. Louise has already made history by becoming the first female in the world to land a podium place in the Production World Rally Championship and has received worldwide exposure through the world wide web, radio and TV.

Despite being in a low budget 2 wheel drive car in the elaborate 4 wheel drive Production World Rally Championship Louise has forged herself into an amazing 5th place in the championship from the 13 competitors.

“This year is all about learning and surviving. The increase in budget is 4 times the British Rally Championship budget but the World Rally Championship has so much more to offer to sponsors. I have seen with my own eyes the 200-500,000 spectators that come along to the events. The TV is amazing with an audience of over 580 million, all fantastic for sponsors.” said young Cook.

The youngster’s goal is to become the first female ever to become World Rally Champion. The Kent lady has a three year plan to be Production World Rally Champion and 2012 is the first of that plan.

“There is so much to learn. It would be arrogant to step up to such a championship and expect to perform straight away. This year is all about gaining the maximum experience whilst keeping the expense to a minimum hence, using the Fiesta ST.” said Louise.

Louise is well on target to gaining the 2wd Production Car Cup Championship if she can only survive the season. The FIA run strict rulings in the WRC and once entered, every rally nominated must be attended or drivers are excluded from the championship, rally licenses revoked and drivers suffer a 16,000 euro’s fine for every round missed.

“It really is not an option but I running out of avenues to get support. The fine would be the same as the cost of making the event for me, my competitors are spending around £90,000 per round but my cut throat budget is around £14,000 per round. It is a ridiculous amount to find but if you want to be the best in any motorsport then the finance side needs to be overcome.” Said Cook.

Louise Cook’s next round of the World Rally Championship is WRC Rally New Zealand in just two weeks’ time. Cookie is under the upmost pressure to make it to the rally but without fast acting support, the potential World Rally Champion’s dreams and world may be left in tatters.

Louise has funded the majority of her career through her unique Promotion 50 campaign in which businesses can invest anything from £50 to pledge support and gain the benefits of being involved with the young rally star.

“It’s been a whirlwind of a year, I have tried to drive intelligently and maximise results on a minimum budget. I have not pressured myself this year results wise and in our little 2WD car you can not even think about keeping up with 4WD cars that have twice the power. The pressure is on to find the funding to carry on and not let my career come to a terrible end. I have to make it happen and I have to find the support I need. I just hope I can find some more support, fingers crossed!”

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