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Tour Britannia’s one-day classic race and rally tour, Mini Britannia, was announced today at Silverstone (Wednesday 27 June). Based at Silverstone, Mini Britannia will run on Saturday 13 October 2012 and will give regular competitors some late-season fun and new competitors the chance to sample this type of event.

Like its big brother, Mini Britannia will include Competition and Regularity events and will run on asphalt roads. A race at Silverstone and a series of special stages in the Silverstone area will make up a full day of competition, both starting and finishing at Silverstone.

Following the format of Tour Britannia, crews in the Competition event will tackle a series of asphalt special stages and a race at Silverstone, while the Regularity competitors will follow the same route with straight forward average speed tests on the same stages and track. As there will be no road regularity sections, the category is simple to follow without tricky navigation or timekeeping. While Regularity entrants are fully fledged competitors, competition licences are not necessary.

“The first car will start from the BRDC Clubhouse at 9am and head north into Warwickshire,” said event director Alec Poole. “There will be stages at a stately home and a private test track before returning to Silverstone for another new stage.  We will then use the International race circuit before venturing out on another loop for more special stages. When the event returns to Silverstone at the end of the afternoon, the prize-giving supper will be in the BRDC Clubhouse.”

In keeping with the present financial climate, entry fees have been cut to a minimum with Regularity costing £750 and Competition £995, both including VAT.

“We have planned a full day of action and may have to limit numbers to get everyone round the route before it gets dark,” said Poole. “It is an ideal opportunity for some action before winter sets in or, if you are interested in trying a race tour, it is a great chance to sample this type of event.”

More details about Mini Britannia can be found at the event website: and entry forms can be downloaded from the site.

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