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‘G’day everyone (my Australian is getting better and better day after day), Maxi here, once again live from ADAC Rallye Deutschland to tell you all about the second day of the event and I am SO excited. We’re in fifth overall!! It was a tough day though – Chris and I have seen all the possible weather conditions today. We had pouring rain, sun, wind, you name it we tested it. We didn’t get bored, that’s for sure!

‘We set off pretty early this morning from Parc Fermé and after going quickly through the Service Park off we went to the stages. As soon as we got to the start of SS7 it started pouring and as we’re still trying to nail our rhythm, Chris decided to take it easy and avoid risks. We got through SS8 with no troubles and after that we headed to Remote Service.

‘As at Remote the boys can only carry out limited checks, I knew that we had to be cautious in the first two stages to make sure I got there in top form.

‘Soon came the time to head off to the stage I was really looking forward to tackle – the legendary 46km Panzerplatte. Gosh, it was amazing but at the same time really demanding. You have to respect stages like that otherwise you’ll be in big trouble. I saw other cars parked up for a rest, but Chris didn’t have that in mind! I enjoyed it a lot and I Chris did too. He says that even if it’s so long it goes in no time at all as there’s always something happening and it’s loads of fun.

‘After such a stage I pampered myself with a proper service – as I mentioned before this is one of the moments of the day I enjoy the most. The mechanics taking care of me are really good, they know me almost better than I know myself – it’s incredible what they can do in such a limited amount of time.

‘You might have noticed that my friend Porquinho Verde came back to the Service Park before everybody else. The thing is that Paulo had to fly back to Brazil for personal reasons. Nothing to worry about though, you’ll see them both very soon at Wales Rally GB.

‘I heard my Team Manager Bruno saying very nice things about me at the End of Day Press Conference, I’m a shy MINI so when I’m paid compliments – even if you can’t see it because my livery is black – I blush, but I love it too! ? Chris pays me a lot of compliments but I’m getting used to it and I have to say I can only say great things right back at him!

‘We’ve gone through the most difficult part of the rally in my opinion – of course tomorrow we still have three stages and we have to stay focused but I’m very happy with what we achieved so far. I’m so proud that we’re lying in fifth at the end of this big day and tomorrow I’ll do everything I can to make sure we get to the finish.

‘Well, that’s all for today, it was a long day and Chris, Stéphane and I need to relax and rest so we’re ready for tomorrow.

‘See ya’,
Maxi the MINI

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