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Following the announcement last week of proposed new technical regulations for the 2013 MSA British Rally Championship, the interest from manufacturers, their representatives and professional motorsport teams has been unprecedented.

Prodrive is the first company to publicly announce its intention to take advantage of the new rules. The Banbury firm’s Business Development Director Richard Taylor was reported in Motorsport News (29/08/2012), confirming that it is evaluating an R3 car based on the Mini Cooper.

The new regulations provide an opportunity for cars to be brought to the 2013 championship and run alongside currently homologated cars under a controlled passport system, which will serve as a reference in a similar way to FIA homologation papers.

Championship Manager Mark Taylor:
“It’s incredible; my phone has rung off the hook with calls of congratulations on the new concept and interest in new cars across all of the classes.

“We see the changes as a real positive, providing a shot in the arm for the sport during these difficult economic times. It provides car manufacturers and professional motorsport companies with a route to market; an opportunity to promote and develop their products without the hefty commercial upfront investment required by current homologations.

“These rules could be adopted in other championships around the world. We have also made this move to encourage manufacturers to experience the sport, to compete with their products that are akin to those that are being sold in their showrooms and in the longer term may ultimately increase the amount of cars being officially FIA homologated.”

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