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A lot of drivers, mostly the foreign drivers, who have participated to the Rally Azores, couldn’t have carried out in the last days the practices of the special stages and so they couldn’t have had the correct pacenotes. This is happened in some traits of the official track for the extreme conducting environmentals because it was foggy, the visibility was about 5 metres in many traits, also the abundant  rains have made many parts of the course virtually impassables. Yesterday many drivers, captained by Robert Kubica, have asked for the deletion of a race and the shortening  of the 2nd special stage.

Yesterday the situation was bad and also today it isn’t improved, indeed it may have worsened. The question which, for the rumors, a lot of drivers, mostly the foreign drivers, pose themselves is :

Is Rally Azores a race for survival or a Rally? Does it make sense to run a Rally in these situations?

This is the question which a lot of drivers pose themselves and it isn’t the 1st time that this situation happens.

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