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– Newcomer Jamie Green celebrates his Audi debut at season opener
– DRS, option tyres and tight schedule: new rules add thrill
– Iron Man 3: spectacular graphics on the RS 5 DTM of Adrien Tambay

With a seasoned driver squad whose combined tally reflects a total of 478 races, 34 victories and four titles plus an Audi RS 5 DTM that has been optimised in many details, Audi is entering the 2013 DTM season on May 5. Technical innovations such as the use of option tyres and a rear wing that can be adjusted by the driver on track make for an additional thrill this year.

The DTM has rarely ever before entered a new season with so many unknown quantities. Accordingly, there is a high level of suspense in the Audi Sport squad and Audi Sport Teams Abt Sportsline, Phoenix and Rosberg. After a winter of intensive work and positive track tests in the past few weeks, the mechanics, engineers and drivers are all looking forward to the first real comparison of strengths with BMW and Mercedes-Benz this year.

Three innovations are awaiting the teams and drivers:

– The Drag Reduction System (DRS) that makes it possible to flatten the rear wing angle by depressing a button on the steering wheel is designed to make overtaking on the race track easier. The system can deliver a speed advantage of five to ten km/h – with respect to how it will perform in the direct duel with the competition there is still a question mark before the opening race.
– The option tyre developed by tyre partner Hankook allows faster times to be driven on a specified number of laps and provides the strategists with an additional tactical tool.
– The more compact schedule of the race weekend severely limits the working time that is available to the mechanics. With only one 90-minute free practice session before qualifying the experience of the teams and drivers is more crucial than ever before: a fact that could be playing into Audi’s hands because, with a total of 478 races, 34 victories and four titles, the driver squad of the four rings holds all the top marks in the series. Furthermore, the three Audi Sport teams combine the know-how gained in more than 450 DTM races.

A rookie again, despite his 83 DTM races, is Jamie Green, who will be competing at his first race weekend as an Audi factory driver at Hockenheim. The Briton, who has previously won eight rounds – including four events at the Norisring – is the only newcomer to the driver squad of the brand based in Ingolstadt. In addition to Green, Head of Audi Motorsport Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich and Dieter Gass, Head of DTM, rely on drivers from last year: a mix of seasoned campaigners and ambitious youngsters with an average of 28 years.

The youngest of them will be featured in a unique way at Hockenheim: Adrien Tambay, on his race suit and on his Audi RS 5 DTM, will be advertising the movie “Iron Man 3.” His pit crew will be sporting the theme of the hero as well. In the new Marvel action film featuring Robert Downey Jr.and Gwyneth Paltrow, the Audi R8 e-tron is one of the protagonists. The movie will arrive at German theatres on Wednesday, May 1, before the DTM weekend at Hockenheim.

In line with the compact schedule, the timing of the two most important events of the weekend has slightly changed as well: Qualifying starts at 14:30 on Saturday, May 4 and the race on Sunday at 13:30. As always, ARD will air live coverage on both days on “Das Erste.” Tickets for all DTM races of the 2013 season are available at

Quotes by the officials

Dieter Gass (Head of DTM): “I’m looking forward to working even more closely with the drivers and the teams in the DTM. The first run at Hockenheim is new territory for me but I know that I’ve got a strong squad backing me that, like me, is tackling the job highly motivated. The season opener will be interesting because even after the track tests in the past few weeks we can’t assess exactly where we stand. In the few areas permitted by the regulations, we worked extremely hard at Audi Sport in the winter. Now, we’re jointly going to do everything within our means to ensure that the work we’ve invested will pay off and that we’ll be able to battle with our competitors on an equal footing again.”

Hans-Jürgen Abt (Team Director Audi Sport Team Abt Sportsline): “It’s great that we’re finally getting started again. We used the winter to again perfectly prepare ourselves as a team for the new challenges of this season. With the new tactical options and shorter practice opportunities, team work is more important than ever. Our newcomer, Jamie Green, immediately gelled really well with us and brought a fresh breeze to the squad. After a difficult year in 2012, the motivation of the whole team is at an all-time high. We’re going to try and pick up a lot of momentum for the season right away by clinching a good result at Hockenheim.”

Ernst Moser (Team Director Audi Sport Team Phoenix): “After six months without DTM races, the whole squad is just dying for things to start again in earnest. We had eight test days and particularly the findings from Hockenheim give me a positive feeling. Now we’re eager to find out where we really stand in qualifying and the race compared with the competition.”

Arno Zensen (Team Director Audi Sport Team Rosberg): “We’re happy that the season is finally starting again. The entire squad is highly motivated – not least because Hockenheim is our team’s home round. Last year, we achieved the aims we’d set for the season, finished as the best Audi team and scored the brand’s two victories as well. We want to continue like this.”

Facts and quotes by the Audi drivers

Filipe Albuquerque (27/P), Audi Financial Services RS 5 DTM #6 (Audi SportTeam Rosberg)
– Before the season, was honoured for his achievements by his home town Coimbra
– Starts into his third season with the same team and team-mate
“I’m eager to see how significantly the cars of all the brands have continued to develop in the winter despite the tight regulations. DRS, option tyres, less time on track on a weekend – let’s see how the drivers will cope with that. I’m hoping to manage well.”

Mattias Ekström (34/S), Red Bull Audi RS 5 DTM #11 (Audi Sport Team AbtSportsline)
– Is the most senior and – with 17 victories – most successful Audi DTM driver
– Has won the Hockenheim season opener twice before
“Hockenheim will be one of the most thrilling races in my DTM career. I can’t remember ever having been so excited. The further development of the cars, DRS, option tyres – there are many unknown factors. Last year, the season, with a pole position at Hockenheim, started very well for me. Of course it would be great to make such a start again.”

Jamie Green (30/GB), Red Bull Audi RS 5 DTM #12 (Audi Sport Team AbtSportsline)
– Contests his first DTM race for Audi at Hockenheim
– Was on podium at Hockenheim seven times before and celebrated two victories
“For me, the race at Hockenheim not only is a great challenge but the beginning of a new chapter in my life. A red-silver race suit, a car in Red Bull colours and plenty of rings – everything has been very exciting for me since I switched to Audi. The first race will be the pinnacle of this stage so far. I’m very much looking forward to it and am eager to see where we stand.”

Miguel Molina (24/E), Audi RS 5 DTM #20 (Audi Sport Team Phoenix)
– Achieved his only podium result in the DTM to date at Hockenheim
– Set up a second residence in Adenau to spend more time with his team
“I’m incredibly excited about Hockenheim because the winter seemed to be longer than usual for me this time. It’ll be a different experience going out on track for the first time on Saturdays. And with respect to the new rules there are still some question marks too. But I’m optimistic because we were able to sort a lot of things during the track tests and are travelling to the race well prepared.”

Edoardo Mortara (26/F/I), Playboy Audi RS 5 DTM #5 (Audi Sport TeamRosberg)
– At Spielberg and Zandvoort, scored the only two DTM wins for Audi in 2012
– After the 2012 season, again won the GT Cup in the Audi R8 LMS ultra in Macau
“The nice thing before the first race is that nobody really knows where they stand compared with the competition. I wouldn’t venture any predictions either. I hope that our hard work over the past few months pays off and that in the 2013 season we’ll be more competitive than last year.”

Mike Rockenfeller (29/D), Schaeffler Audi RS 5 DTM #19 (Audi Sport TeamPhoenix)
– Was the best Audi driver in the DTM in the 2012 season
– In 2013, is exclusively concentrating on the DTM events
“For me, the season opener at Hockenheim is one of the pinnacles of the season: a great track, a large crowd at the Motodrom and plenty of suspense. And with the new possibilities that make overtaking on the track easier, the race will be even more thrilling for the spectators – as well as for us drivers, by the way.”

Timo Scheider (34/D), AUTO TEST Audi RS 5 DTM #23 (Audi Sport Team Abt)
– Is the only driver in the field who was on the grid at the DTM’s comeback in 2000
– In his black car, clinched his two DTM titles in 2008 and 2009
“I can already clearly feel the butterflies in my stomach. My excitement about the first race coming up is huge. Personally, I had a great winter with a lot of nice experiences and moments. I’d like to take this positive mindset with me into the cockpit. Plus, after a couple of years, I’m sitting in a black car again. I’ve clinched two titles before with this colour and thinking about that gives me an extra motivation boost.”

Adrien Tambay (F/22), Audi ultra RS 5 DTM #24 (Audi Sport Team Abt)
– At 22 years of age, is the youngest driver in Audi’s DTM driver squad
– Advertises the movie “Iron Man 3” on his race suit and car at Hockenheim
“I remember last year well when I contested my first ever DTM race at Hockenheim. Now a lot of things are different: I’ve got more experience, have been on the podium once, we’ve got new rules and new rivals. I’m looking forward to Hockenheim and am eager to see what memories I’ll be taking home from the first race this time.”

The Audi drivers in the 2013 DTM

Filipe Albuquerque (P): * June 13, 1985 in Coimbra (P); residence: Coimbra (P); single (partner Joana); height: 1.74 m; weight: 65 kg; Audi driver since 2011; DTM races: 20; pole positions: 0; victories: 0 (best result: 2nd place); fastest laps: 0; points: 35; DTM titles: 0; best result DTM Hockenheim: 10

Mattias Ekström (S): * July 14, 1978 in Falun (S); residence: Salenstein (CH); single (partner Heidi), one son (Mats), one daughter (Hanna); height: 1.83 m; weight: 79 kg; Audi driver since 1999; DTM races: 124; pole positions: 19; victories: 17; fastest laps: 12; points: 615; DTM titles: 2 (2004, 2007); best result DTM Hockenheim: 1

Jamie Green (GB): * June 14, 1982 in Leicester (GB); residence: Monaco (MC); married to Ginny, two sons (Zachary James and William); height: 1.78 m; weight: 70 kg; Audi driver since 2013; DTM races: 83; pole positions: 6; victories: 8; fastest laps: 13; points: 361.5; DTM titles: 0; best result DTM Hockenheim: 1

Miguel Molina (E): * February 17, 1989 in Barcelona (E); residence: Lloret de Mar (E); single; height: 1.75 m; weight: 64 kg; Audi driver since 2010; DTM races: 31; pole positions: 2; victories: 0 (best result: 3rd place); fastest laps: 1; points: 34; DTM titles: 0; best result DTM Hockenheim: 3

Edoardo Mortara (F/I): * Jan 12, 1987 in Geneva (CH); residence: Geneva (CH); engaged; height: 1.82 m; weight: 75 kg; Audi driver since 2011; DTM races: 20; pole positions: 1; victories: 2; fastest laps: 0; points: 103; DTM titles: 0; best result DTM Hockenheim: 6

Mike Rockenfeller (D): * Oct 31, 1983 in Neuwied (D); residence: Landschlacht (CH); single (partner Susanne); height: 1.75 m; weight: 68 kg; Audi driver since 2007; DTM races: 61; pole positions: 1; victories: 1; fastest laps: 2; points: 159; DTM titles: 0; best result DTM Hockenheim: 3

Timo Scheider (D): * Nov 10, 1978 in Lahnstein (D); residence: Lochau (A); single (partner Jessica), one son (Loris-Romeo); height: 1.78 m; weight: 72 kg; Audi driver since 2006; DTM races: 129; pole positions: 10; victories: 6; fastest laps: 9; points: 373; DTM titles: 2 (2008, 2009); best result DTM Hockenheim: 1

Adrien Tambay (F): * Feb 25, 1991 in Paris (F); residence: Lochau (A); single; height: 1.81 m; weight: 69 kg; Audi driver since 2012; DTM races: 10; pole positions: 0; victories: 0 (best result: 2nd place); fastest laps: 0; points: 28; DTM titles: 0; best result DTM Hockenheim: –

Audi DTM statistics (since 1990)

Champion’s titles: 8 (in 16 years)
Victories: 63 (in 198 races)
Pole positions: 67 (in 162 qualifying sessions)
Fastest laps: 54 (in 198 races)
Podium finishes: 200 (in 198 races)

All Hockenheim winners (opening round)

2000 Bernd Schneider (Mercedes-Benz), Bernd Schneider (Mercedes-Benz)
2001 Bernd Schneider (Mercedes-Benz)
2002 Laurent Aiello (Abt-Audi)
2003 Bernd Schneider (Mercedes-Benz)
2004 Gary Paffett (Mercedes-Benz)
2005 Jean Alesi (Mercedes-Benz)
2006 Bernd Schneider (Mercedes-Benz)
2007 Mattias Ekström (Audi)
2008 Mattias Ekström (Audi)
2009 Tom Kristensen (Audi)
2010 Gary Paffett (Mercedes-Benz)
2011 Bruno Spengler (Mercedes-Benz)
2012 Gary Paffett (Mercedes-Benz)

2012 flashback: Audi A5 DTM takes podium on debut

Following eight successful years with the Audi A4 DTM, the Audi A5 DTM celebrated its racing debut at the season opener last year. Mattias Ekström started from the pole position and immediately took the lead at the start, which he maintained up to the fifth lap before making a braking mistake in turn 2, which caused him to drop behind Jamie Green and shortly afterward behind the subsequent winner Gary Paffett as well. The Swede then concentrated on securing third place. His brand colleagues Mike Rockenfeller (5), Miguel Molina (9) and Filipe Albuquerque (10) scored points as well.

Track info

Track length: 4.574 km
Race distance: 42 laps = 192.108 km
DTM qualifying record on this track: Mattias Ekström (Audi), Oct 25, 2008, 1m 32.244s = 178.509 km/h
DTM race record on this track: Paul Di Resta (Mercedes-Benz), Oct 26, 2008, 1m 33.576s = 175.968 km/h
Pole position season opener 2012: Mattias Ekström (Audi), Apr 28, 2012, 1m 34.680s (173.900 km/h)
Fastest lap season opener 2012: Jamie Green (Mercedes-Benz), Apr 29, 2012, 1m 34.901s (173.511 km/h)
Turnout season opener 2012: 142,000
TV live rating 2012: 1.28 million / 10.7 % market share (source: ARD)

Mattias Ekström about the Hockenheimring: “I’ve got so many memories of Hockenheim – good ones and bad ones. In 2007, I became Champion there, have had one of the best weekends in my entire DTM career there, as well as retirements and weird incidents. Hockenheim has been and will remain my absolutely favorite track. I love the layout. You can overtake and fight tough duels. Technically, the first sector with turns 1 and 2 is particularly challenging. The best opportunity for overtaking is at the end of the Parabolica on the way to the hairpin turn. Another very important place is the last section with the Sachs corner and the Opel corners. Hockenheim has simply got everything you wish for as a racer – for me, it’s the highlight of the year that is always attended by many fans as well.”


Saturday, May 4
09:05–10:35 Free practice
14:40–15:50 Qualifying

Sunday, May 5
13:30 Race

TV schedule (“Das Erste” live)

Saturday, May 4
14:30–16:00 Qualifying

Sunday, May 5
13:15–15:00 Race

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