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IMG_1608After the “wide open space” rallying of Crail in mid June, the Brick & Steel Junior 1000 Ecosse Challenge goes to Kames Motorsport Complex, Muirkirk on 14th July 2013 for the Albar Junior Rally – for some “close combat” rallying on the tight and technical course. The event is totally different to previous events this year with 16 short but very challenging stages. So there is no time to sit back – crews will have to be on it from the word GO. The clock seems to tick faster on short stages!!!

After 3 rounds, Alexander Vassallo has a healthy 10 point advantage in the 2013 Brick & Steel Junior 1000 Ecosse Challenge over second placed Ryan Weston. But while we are basking in the sun at Kames, Ryan will be on holiday in Florida. I think the conversation with Dad Weston that started with “Can I go home for the rally Dad?” ended with “Naw!” Or something to that effect. So it will be down to Messrs Marchbank, Crealey and Dickie to give chase. And they are all capable of putting up a good show, albeit Crealey has not competed at Kames before. So it will be no sitting back and taking it easy for Alexander – not that that is his style anyway.

The field has been reduced to 15 for this event – from 20 registrations. Alex Adams has effectively “graduated” now he is 17 and will be airing an Escort. Others missing the event due to holidays are Scott Murray and Michael Robertson. Oh, and Stephen McClory is going to Goodwood instead. Suppose that is a good excuse!!

But rejoining the fray after missing Crail is the “Loon from Mull”  Ally Currie. He will wheel out his Citroen AX and he is in the right frame of mind and hungry enough to extract what is required from the good handling AX so as to give most of the Micras a chase.

And for 8 of the Junior drivers, it will be their first taste of Kames. This is going to be very interesting as the circuit favours neat and tidy drivers who can carry speed and get on the power at every opportunity. So another hectic and enjoyable day’s Junior 1000 rallying is anticipated.

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