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Mini Brit13 sponsorCrashCAM™ has been confirmed as a major sponsor for this year’s Mini Britannia, the one-day classic competition tour, will break new ground when it runs from a base in London on Saturday 7 September with the event finish tied in to the Grand Rendezvous, Chelsea.

CrashCAM™, a very clever camera system for recording journeys and systems, will be presented to a range of event award winners, including the winners of the Regularity Category, Competition Category, Index of Performance and the Driver of the Day. In addition systems will go to the leading Corinthian Crew, which rewards those who contest the event without service support, the leading Regularity crew competing without additional navigation equipment and the Concours Award winners for the best presented car.

CrashCAM™ is a compact and cost-effective recording unit which is mounted permanently to your inner windscreen looking forward to record your journey. It provides you with a quick and easy video record of accidents or incidents that have taken place. CrashCAM™ Software displays journey information, such as speed and shock data on a playback screen. There’s also a GPS tracking and mapping to show accurate positioning during playback. The recording system can save incidents when required and will record for up to 24 hours.

The one day event Mini Britannia will start from Battersea. It will take in venues like the Mercedes-Benz World track at Brooklands as well as a visit to Dunsfold Park, the home of BBC Top Gear, before returning late afternoon to London to finish at the Grand Rendevous event in the Royal Hospital Grounds, Chelsea. A number of other iconic venues will be added to make a full day of fun and action.

“Vision Techniques has been most generous with support for both Tour Britannia and Mini Britannia,” said event director Alec Poole. “This year on Mini Britannia they are extending their partnership with the event to give all of the main award winners a CrashCam™, which is an incredible prize. We have been fortunate that Vision Techniques have provided both Tour and Mini Britannia competitors with generous goody bags in recent years and they will do so again this September so regardless of the CrashCams, everyone will get some useful gifts as well.”

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