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Rally AreaThe organizer of Croatia Rally 2013 agreed on collaboration with travel and PCO agency SPEKTAR PUTOVANJA d.o.o. from Zagreb which will ensure the best accommodation for competitors and teams during Croatia Rally 2013  – 26 / 28 September.

All ERC (European Rally Championship ) competitors who book accommodation through the booking form of the agency SPEKTAR PUTOVANJA d.o.o., available on the Croatia Rally 2013 web site, for themselves and their teams are entitled to 20% discount when paying entry fee for the rally.

All competitors of national championships that do not count for ERC, have right on mentioned entry fees only if the accommodation for themselves and their teams is booked via the same form available on the Croatia Rally web site

Otherwise, their entry fee is increasing by 20%.

Additionally, SPEKTAR PUTOVANJA d.o.o. ensures special rates for the hotel accommodation for all the guests, journalists and rally fans in order to provide unforgettable days during Croatia Rally 2013.

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