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Mini Britannia, the one-day classic competition tour modelled on Tour Britannia, has moved dates to Saturday 5 October rather than the intended September date.Mini Brit13 new date

“During the Silverstone Classic weekend many of our regular competitors asked me to consider moving the date,” said event director Alec Poole. “So we have moved to Saturday 5 October, as there is just too much going on in September. I have spoken with all of our venues, the MSA, our backroom personnel and others involved, and have managed to get a thumbs’ up from all. Indeed, if anything, the change to the October date seems to suit everyone better.”

Mini Britannia will give regular competitors some early autumn fun and new competitors the chance to sample this type of event. To encourage newcomers, a completely new route will be used, with the start at Battersea in London.

The outline schedule opens on Friday evening, 4 October, for documentation. Mini Britannia will start on Saturday morning for a full day of action. Key attractions will include special stages at Dunsfold Park, the home of BBC Top Gear, the Mercedes-Benz World track at Brooklands and an excellent drivers’ stage at Farnborough Airport.

“This is a real break with tradition,” said Poole. “We want to take the event to a new group of competitors and making the route very accessible to London should make it even more attractive. We hope to get people hooked on this fabulous style of event with a one-day taster on Mini Britannia and then encourage them to sample the full Tour Britannia experience next spring. Obviously we also hope to see many of our regular contenders in October.”

Like its big brother, Mini Britannia will comprise Competition and Regularity categories and will run on asphalt roads. Following the format of Tour Britannia, crews in the Competition event will tackle a series of asphalt special stages, while the Regularity competitors will follow the same route with straight forward average speed tests on the same stages. The category is simple to follow without tricky navigation or timekeeping. Regularity entrants are fully fledged competitors, but competition licences are not necessary.

More details about Mini Britannia can be found at the event website:

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