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Mini CowlingLocal Coffs Coaster Nathan Quinn’s Motorsport Italia-run MINI John Cooper Works WRC will be sporting a very special QR code this weekend at Rally Australia. QR codes like this were originally built and designed for racecars. However, Keith Anderson from Smart Pay IT has developed a first for Quinn using Micro URL technology. The sticker on Quinn’s MINI this weekend will allow fans to scan the QR code from further away than normal and from a larger variety of different and spectator-friendly angles!

The data reading is simplified, making it easier to scan. You can even snap it from a paused television, a YouTube clip or a photograph! A normal QR code takes you directly to a website, whereas this sends you to a landing page, which shows exactly who made this opportunity of a lifetime possible for Quinn at Rally Australia 2013. Don’t miss out on the action this weekend at the Coffs Harbour-based event and don’t miss Quinn’s MINI – or forget to scan his QR code!

As Quinn prepares for Free Practice and the Qualifying Stage tomorrow morning, he’s proud to be trying out the new technology: “It’s a great and unique way to showcase the supporters who’ve helped us out here. It provides an uncluttered medium and I like doing things for the first time – like jumping in a MINI WRC car and trying my luck against the big boys tomorrow! We’re hoping to have lots of traffic to the loading page, but not on the stages!”

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