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Daily Archives: September 21st, 2013

top4forpressreleaseAfter a 7 week gap, the competitors in the 2013 Brick & Steel Junior 1000 Ecosse Callenge are “chewing at the bit” to get out in their cars at Kames Motorsport Complex on Sunday 29th September 2013. 17 crews have entered in the Junior Rally plus 2 of the 2013 registered Junior drivers will be sampling their “new mounts” in the “senior rally” now that they are 17 and have graduated out of the Juniors. Ryan Weston will be sampling his Fiesta ST and Alex Adams will be giving his Mk 2 Escort an airing. And just to add to the excitement just outside the Junior brigade, John McClory – Championship sponsor  – will be trying out son Stephen’s new car for when he also graduates out of the Juniors. It is another Fiesta. Read More »