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BlindfoldInfluence Associates has put one of motorsport’s greatest myths to the test – by seeing if a top racing driver can drive around a motor racing circuit with his eyes closed.

And a blindfold was used to make sure there was no peeping during the Crowne Plaza PR activity with The Sun.

Influence, the Soho Square-based automotive, motorsport and classic car communications agency, took triple FIA World Touring Car Champion Andy Priaulx to Silverstone, to see if the Crowne Plaza BMW Motorsport DTM driver could lap the Silverstone National Circuit with only his memory and survival instincts to guide him.

But as actually driving with a blindfold on doesn’t set a very good example, not even under a ‘don’t try this at home’ banner, the challenge took place in the incredibly realistic, yet significantly less dangerous, iZone Driver Performance simulator.

With The Sun Online cameras rolling, Andy left the Silverstone start line in a BMW M3 touring car….

But did he manage to complete the lap?

To discover exactly what happened, view the Sun+ video at:

Jim Munro, The Sun Online Sports Editor said, “The Andy Priaulx ‘blindfold’ video was right up our street. The idea was both groundbreaking and fun, which is what The Sun is all about. Once it was put forward we had no hesitation in seeing it through and making it work, especially as it has mass appeal and is not just aimed at die-hard petrolheads.”

He added: “The video looks great. And with video becoming ever more important in the media’s increasingly digital world, it is just the sort of thing we need to attract more fans to our online motorsport service.”

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