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Vettel Abu Dhabi13For this running of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, 2013 World Champion Sebastian Vettel will wear a specially designed helmet on Friday and Saturday.

Vettel chose the design from nearly 1,500 entries submitted from across the world as part of a design competition run by Infiniti across its InfinitiGP social media channels. Hosted on, fans were invited to encapsulate and illustrate Sebastian’s passion and performance in their works of art, and it was the design of 21 year old Mexican student Jake Vite Prekop that caught the World Champion’s eye.

“Cars have always played an important part of my life since it is my family’s main business,” said Jake. “I know that Sebastian Vettel always wears the most exotic and well-designed helmets, therefore I wanted to combine the colors of Infiniti Red Bull Racing, the German flag and include the element of speed and the heat of the track in the design.

“I’m simply honoured that he chose my design; I simply cannot explain the feeling of knowing that the four-time World Champion will be wearing my design during the GP weekend. It is one of the best moments of my life.”

Infiniti have flown Jake and a guest to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix where they will spend the weekend in Paddock Club, getting a tour of the Infiniti Red Bull Racing garage and meeting Sebastian Vettel.

Sebastian will wear the helmet for the first time in Free Practice One, and thereafter high resolution photographs will be available to download from:

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