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The Kenya Airways Rally Queens continue their climb up the leaderboard and despite a throttle linkage problem and being hit from behind by another competitor Samira Khan and Chantal Young are pleased with how day two of the 2013 East African Safari Classic rally went. Samira - Day 2b - fighting the dust near Email

Two competitive sections only today, but with a combined total of 154 kilometres this one day was still equivalent to an entire Kenyan National Rally! The opening test was an almost exact reverse of last nights run through the scenic Taita Hills. Half way through the test, the makeshift exhaust that had been fabricated in service, detached itself from the car. Apart from the additional noise the girls completed the test with no dramas. Next up was the 116 kilometre section from Email to the Tanzanian border. This stage had a real mixture of conditions, everything from fast and smooth to bumpy and rough and even a stretch of fine powdery dust mid-way through which completely reduced visibility!

The stage went well, Samira responding to the conditions and finding a mixture of speed and mechanical sympathy whilst Chantal was perfect on the notes, but then, just ten kilometres from the end of the stage, the throttle linkage worked itself loose. As the girls limped towards the end of the section with reduced power, a fellow competitor, unsighted in the dust, crashed into the back of the Porsche, fortunately only incurring superficial damage!

Day 3 will see the crews contest some of the most spectacular roads that Tanzania has to offer. The day begins with the longest section of the whole rally. At 154.14 kilometres this one stage is longer than an entire British Rally Championship event! With barely time for a coffee the crews head for the daunting Mbulu Escarpment. With shear drops, and a summit that is frequently in the clouds, this iconic road is run down-hill for the first time in a number of years. In total the crews will have covered some 249 competitive kilometres before they return to Arusha tomorrow evening.

The Kenya Airways Rally Queens are supported by ALS, Prince Lubricants, Kenauto, Highlands Water, Travellers Beach Resort and Dalbit Petroleum as they tackle the 2013 East African Classic Safari Rally. This world famous event sees the 60 competing crews flagged off from the Sarova Whitesands Hotel on Thursday 21 November. The surviving crews will return to the hotel some nine days and 4 500 kilometres later, having visited far flung locations in Kenya and Tanzania.

For daily updates on Samira and Chantal please visit their Facebook (Samira Khan Rallying) or Twitter (@RallyQueens).

Photo courtesy of Mayes Media

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