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Samira Khan - Day 4aAn unmarked, blind ditch caused damage to the steering on the Kenya Airways Rally Queens Porsche 911 mid way through the opening section today but the girls were quick to rise to the challenge and soldiered on through the stage where temporary repairs allowed them to continue their epic adventure back into Kenya. The end of today also marked the half-way point in this years East African Safari Classic Rally!

The day began with a 116 kilometre section from just outside Arusha and took the crews towards the Kenyan border. This test would catch a number of crews out, the girls included. Early on Samira had a half spin on a loose downhill section and only her quick thinking stopped the Porsche from getting stuck in a ditch! Then, about 65 kilometres from the start, the Porsche crashed into an unmarked ditch, damaging the steering. After assessing the damage Samira and Chantal continued, albeit at reduced pace, and where able to limp out of the stage. The service crew patched the Porsche up and sent the duo on their way with a warning to take it easy for the rest of the day. And take it easy they did, Samira admitting to being frustrated by the amount of cars that caught and passed them… but she did also comment on how many cars she saw broken down in sections!

By the end of today, where the crews had tackled almost 700 kilometres, more than the total distance of a modern World Rally, Samira and Chantal had moved up a further ten positions! Samira; our poor Porsche took a real beating this morning! We hit a ditch really hard and bent the steering! We were lucky to be able to carry on and I have to thank my service crew for doing such a great job of keeping us in the rally!

Samira Khan - Day 4bDay 5, Monday, sees the crews take a very well deserved rest. The mechanics don’t have such an easy time as they are allowed a full six hours to do any major work to the rally cars in the morning. And with service taking place in a national park the mechanics have to keep a wary eye on the wildlife!

The Kenya Airways Rally Queens are supported by ALS, Prince Lubricants, Kenauto, Highlands Water, Travellers Beach Resort, Dalbit Petroleum and Sclossbau as they tackle the 2013 East African Classic Safari Rally. This world famous event sees the 60 competing crews flagged off from the Sarova Whitesands Hotel on Thursday 21 November. The surviving crews will return to the hotel some nine days and 4 500 kilometres later, having visited far flung locations in Kenya and Tanzania.

For daily updates on Samira and Chantal please visit their Facebook (Samira Khan Rallying) or Twitter (@RallyQueens).

Photos courtesy of Mayes Media

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