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BMH startmonkeyBritish Motor Heritage (BMH) has added the Powertraveller Startmonkey400 and Powertraveller Discovery to its ever-increasing Motoring Classics line-up of motoring accessories.

Startmonkey400 will jump start the 12 volt battery of any 4×4, van, car, boat or motorcycle between 15 and 20 times, without itself requiring a recharge. Bearing no resemblance to the typically heavy, unwieldy alternatives we’ve all encountered, the Startmonkey is not only a lot more powerful, but infinitely smaller and lighter – 210 x 65 x 64mm and 1100g to be precise. It is certainly ideal for motorsport teams and is available in two versions – one that connects to the battery with traditional crocodile clips and one that operates via an Anderson Plug, as now used by many in the race and rally world.

Startmonkey is equally appropriate for classic car owners, whose car batteries tend to lead less than ideal lives and have a habit of dying at the most inconvenient time. Being so light and compact it can be tucked away in even the smallest of boots. That all said, when you consider the RAC attends an amazing ½ million battery-related call-outs per annum, owning a Startmonkey would seem like a wise choice for the owner of any vehicle, old or new. Price: £199.95 inc VAT – see for details.

Powermonkey Discovery
Arguably a classic car owner’s best friend is his/her mobile phone – the first item we all now reach for when stranded or in danger. That’s all well and good if the phone’s battery is still charged, or will be long enough to see you through the crisis, otherwise you’re in double trouble. Enter the Discovery, a light, compact charger that will recharge a standard mobile phone 3-4 times. It’s also compatible with iPhones, eReaders, Sat/NAVs, iPods, MP3 Players etc. Price: £45 inc VAT – see for details.

Said BMH’s Managing Director John Yea: “I am delighted to be offering these superbly designed products and can personally vouch for the Startmonkey, which we have used all season to start BMH’s racing MGB. It puts traditional battery packs to shame and would be an invaluable purchase for the owners of all vehicles, classic or modern.”

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