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200000 likesWorld Rally Ranking, the global rallying initiative, is growing faster on Facebook than any other social rally page in the world. World Rally Ranking  is attracting over 100,000 new Likes in the last year, marking new phenomena on social media for the rally world with more than 200,000 likes.

The swift growth of World Rally Ranking page reflects the increasing enthusiasm for rally all over the world. World Rally Ranking Facebook page is a part of the broader enthusiastic bottom-up global rallying movement of rally professional people and rally fans that currently exists in 5 continents of the the world.

World Rally Ranking  developed its Facebook page to be an online community of enthusiastic rally fans, and it is one of the first social movement in the world of the rally to embrace the innovative strategy of opening its Facebook page to selected volunteer admins from around the world. They co-manage the page with World Rally Ranking headquarters, who enable volunteer admins to customize targeted rallying posts of the World Rally Ranking page for their own countries or for their own geographical areas.

This open strategy gives World Rally Ranking the chance to communicate with different rally fans world communities, appealing to their local topics. World Rally Ranking has currently 29  volunteer admins from different backgrounds, ages and countries who generate targeted rallying posts with the local flavour.

World rally Ranking has also its website www . worldrallyranking . com where each rally fan can  see all the ranking standings, drivers, codrivers, manufacturers, car models and nations. The success of World Rally Ranking  is also confirmed by the great number of people registered to receive the newsletter: more than 134.000. The database newsletter members are distribuited as follows:

Journalists – Media – internet news 8.241
Drivers 19.326

Team Manager – Team Principal – Technicians
Professional motorsport  involved peoples 16.756
Professional Automotive involved peoples 13.065
Motorsport sponsor and advertising partner 9.304
RallyFans 67.451

Geographical areas
Europe 32.6  %
Asia 26.1  %
Middle East 5.8  %
South America 27.4  %
North America 3.9  %
Oceania 3.1  %
Africa 1.1   %

On the www . worldrallyranking . com website are immediately available for everyone the top 40 positions for each main type of ranking. By registering on the site – with the form that simply requests to insert surname, name and e-mail address – it is possible to access the complete rankings and to have the possibility to create customized rankings. This is a real revolution for all insiders in the world of rallying, drivers, teams , journalists and enthusiasts. The IRDA database contains all the results from January 1st, 2010 to date of all the drivers and co-drivers of all nations, of all the races in the world included in the FIA International Sporting Calendar. So who are the best World rally driver today?

To find out immediately, just go to the www . worldrallyranking . com website.

www . irdassociation . com              www . worldrallyranking . com

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