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Old Hall 14Old Hall Performance of Coventry, UK has teamed up with Mooresville, USA-based BSCI Energy Impact Systems to distribute its EIS W50 seat foam kit throughout Europe, allowing teams and drivers to easily access a product that looks set to revolutionise the way seat inserts are made.

Making its European debut at Autosport International in January 2014, EIS W50 has been proven in racecar seats used in major race series in the US, including NASCAR and ALMS and has recently been given FIA accreditation, making it eligible worldwide for sports cars and rally cars of all categories.

Comprising of all the necessary items to produce a professional, mess-free and time-effective insert to suit each individual driver, the kit is complete and unlike any other on the market.

Using a two-part liquid process, the EIS W50 system has no solid matter to compromise perfect formation of the driver’s body, to provide maximum support and greater safety in the event of a collision. To underline its superior position, it is the only FIA compliant mouldable insert available.

In approving Old Hall’s distribution deal, Matt Ray, president of BSCI, emphasizes the importance of correctly fitting race seats: “Safety in racing is paramount and the comfort of a driver goes hand in hand with safety. In the event of an accident, a driver’s body securely contained within the seat shell will stand a much greater chance of surviving impact with less injury.”

The method of seat production using EIS W50 has raised the bar in this respect, using modern chemical technology and Matt continues: “We use a polyolefin foam as a base material and a polyurethene material that perfectly fits the driver’s body. These materials in finished form are safety tested for flammability and impact absorption, with a finished seat insert weighing less than 2 pounds or 900 grams.”

Further BSCI products are due to be released through Old Hall Performance, including ENER-CORE EC 50, a highly engineered open-cell urethane foam, developed for use in energy management in motorsports, particularly headrests.

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