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The regulations for the 2014 REIS MSA Asphalt Rally Championship are now available. To download them from our website click on the link below:

The Championship Registration Form may also be found here but we strongly recommend that you register online at

With a wide range of budgets in mind, the calendar for this year’s Championship consists of eight of the most popular asphalt events in the UK & Ireland and each competitor’s best five scores will count towards their final tally. It should, perhaps, be noted that it is still possible to contest five events without leaving mainland UK.

Looking to the future, we have incorporated Group R cars into the Championship class structure and, indeed, hope that we will provide a home for an increasing number of such vehicles as time goes by.

With the success of the Millington Rear-Wheel Drive Challenge set to continue into the new season, AB Motorsport have increased their involvement in the Championship by putting their name to the corresponding Front-Wheel Drive category.

We are also pleased to welcome the Dunlop Puma Trophy into the fold – they have had great success with the racing version and we are delighted that they have chosen to join us as they move into rallying as well.

The new season begins on 9th March with the Tour of Epynt – full details will be available in eraly January from

We look forward to seeing you on events and can only hope that the 2014 REIS MSA Asphalt Rally Championship turns out to be as competitive as last year’s.

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