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Dakar R2R14dRace2Recovery is a half-hour documentary debuting on British Eurosport this Saturday (May 3rd) at 7.30pm. The show is a sequel to the critically acclaimed Dakar Rally: Frontline to Finish Line and follows a team of amputee and seriously injured servicemen as they take on the world’s toughest rally.

In 2013 Race2Recovery became the first team of amputees ever to complete the Dakar Rally and this year they returned to do it all again. The 2014 Dakar saw the team race over 9000km through Argentina and Chile. They tackled some of the most challenging, isolated terrain in the world, from giant sand dunes to the Atacama Desert and the top of the Andes.

The Dakar is the ultimate test of man and machine versus the elements, but for the Race2Recovery team, there was an added challenge. Both of the team’s Wildcat rally cars – based on a Land Rover Defender – and their race truck contained an amputee serviceman as part of the crew. Last year, Philip ‘Barney’ Gillespie became the first amputee ever to finish the rally when he partnered Major Matt O’Hare. This year he was back alongside Team Director Ben Gott. Team Founder Tony Harris was excluded on stage 2 of the rally in 2013 but returned to continue his quest to become the first amputee driver to finish the rally. Daniel ‘Baz’ Whittingham was part of the support crew last year but made his competition debut this year in the truck, known as a T4.

‘Baz’ was part of a bomb disposal unit when he was blown up in Afghanistan in 2009 and lost his left leg. “It’s been an incredible journey from the battlefield to the Dakar,” said Whittingham during the event. “I was told I’d never walk again but here I am taking part in the world’s toughest rally. Just being part of Race2Recovery has helped all of us in our rehabilitation and we hope that we’ve demonstrated to others that with teamwork and determination, you can overcome almost anything.”

Produced by Gaucho Productions and directed by Alistair Weaver (Touring Car Legends), Dakar Rally 2014: Race2Recovery uses a host of different cameras to capture the inside story of the tears, traumas and triumphs. “We’ve been following the Race2Recovery team for over two years,” says Gaucho Productions Executive Producer, Duncan Rycroft. “It’s been an amazing journey for everyone involved. We’re thrilled that we’ve been able to build on the success of Frontline to Finish Line with the epic story of this year’s event. ”

“Eurosport has a proud history of broadcasting the Dakar Rally and the Race2Recovery team epitomises the spirit of this extraordinary event,” says David Kerr, Managing Director of British Eurosport.  “We’re delighted to be working with Gaucho Productions again and to bring this story to life.”

Dakar Rally 2014: Race2Recovery will be shown on British Eurosport on Saturday 3rd May, 2014 at 7.30pm.

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