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Rendina Argentina14cThe Day Three itinerary of this year’s Rally Argentina offered what are arguably the two most iconic stages of the event: SS11 / 13 Guilio Cessare – Mina Clavero and SS12 / 14 El Condor – Copina. Totalling 76.78 kilometres of competitive stages with no midday service, today’s test was challenging for even the most experienced of drivers. However, Ralliart Italy-run Italian driver Max Rendina was not put off by the feat ahead of him. He didn’t come to Argentina with the target of an easy ride.

His eye is firmly set on winning the WRC 2 Championship Group N Cup this season and with a maximum 75 points over his first three events, he’s well on his way. But Rendina had another ambition when he and his long-term co-driver Mario Pizzuti decided to take on the Group N Cup with three times Production car World Champions Ralliart Italy. Rendina wanted to experience rallying at its extremes, gain experience and compete on the same stages as the greatest rally drivers – and codrivers – of all time.

While the 10 Group N Cup points he’s taken home from the event shouldn’t be sniffed at, far more important for Rendina was the achievement of taking on – and completing Rally Argentina. He didn’t have an easy run today. After breaking the driveshaft on his Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X only 50 metres into SS11, he had to finish the day limited to rear-wheel drive only for over 75 kilometres of stage section. Nursing his Mitsubishi back to the Cordoba-based Service Park, Rendina recognised that the task ahead of him wasn’t an easy one. Mud laden stages do not lend themselves to a two-wheel-drive vehicle and the stress on the differential’s transfer case was so great that he feared it could have broken at any moment.

It was his customary calm and control that got Rendina through to the finish and now he can look ahead to his next event on familiar home ground in Sardinia: “Of course it would’ve been nice to take my fourth win in a row – I think anyone would agree – but I also entered this event knowing that I lacked a lot of experience. Competing in Rally Argentina has really opened my eyes and I feel like I’ve learned a lot. Now I’d just like to come back next year and show those stages who’s boss!”

Ralliart Italy Team Manager Bruno De Pianto believes that Rendina showed good potential on the event: “Max didn’t have an easy run here in Argentina, but he put in good times on the stages he ran untroubled and showed that with more experience he could come back and do a great job out here in future. Now we’re looking ahead to Rally d’Italia. It’s the home event for Ralliart Italy and Max and we can’t wait. He has a lot of experience competing in Italy and I’m sure the spectators will be pleased to see him out on the World Rally stages. I just hope they’re every bit as supportive as the great fans out here in Argentina!”

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