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The world famous Beaujolais Run, now in its 44th year, has announced it will this year visit some of the most famous battlefields of WW1 and pay tribute to those who lost their lives.IMG_3733

In a challenge to raise money for the Henry Surtees Foundation to fund Air Ambulance nationally, Patron John Surtees OBE (World Champion on 4 wheels and 2) will be on hand to give some driving tips.

In a surprise move, competing teams will visit the Messinine Ridge, Ypres, Tyne Cott and Passchendaele to pay tribute to those that gave their lives on all sides 100 years ago. Involving even experiencing trench life, competing teams are sure to be immersed in history.This will also allow for some amazing driving through Belgium and France on the 2014 event.

The ‘Run prides itself on its unique, unprecendented access to venues, wine makers, vehicles and experiences. In a four day fund raising extravaganza The Beaujolais Run also takes in the city of Bruges, visits the Taittinger Champagne family in Reims and joins the mayor of Beaujolais for dinner and the release of the 2014 vintage. En route competitors will encounter famous vineyards, chateaux and world renown race tracks.

‘Run patron John Surtees will be in attendance as will other motorsport celebrities and in the events unique style there will be suprises galore for competitors and guests alike.

Once a race and covering some 1200 miles; the event has at its heart a navigational trial designed to give a level playing field for all types of vehicles. Supercars, Classic Cars, Four Wheel/Daily Drives and Touring Motorcycles of whatever vintage; all are welcome. With a maps only, and any assistance class, there’s fun to be had by all as they try to cover the course in the shortest distance to win the coveted P2 places on the following years start line. P1 is reserved for the highest fundraising team. All vye for position as they head for deepest burgundy and to return to be the first that bring back the Beaujolais after its midnight release. The ‘Run will be carbon neutral for the first time in its history thanks to its partner CNI.

The event supports the Henry Surtees Foundation; which facilitates without any deductions whatsoever for the ‘Run to support Air Ambulance. 69 lives were saved in the first twelve months when HSF and the ‘Run funded vital blood transfusion equipment and a supply network. Air Ambulance support of this type is something HSF and The Beaujolais Run hope to role out nationally. The Beaujolais Run is unusual in that 100% of monies raised benefit charity with no deductions.

‘Run Director Rob Bellinger said; “It seems fitting to commemorate those on all sides who fought in terrible conditions as we help those now in adversity. The Legacy of WW1 is plain to see as the ‘Run moves across Europe. Whilst enjoying some fantastic motoring the wide range of vehicles will form a spectacle worthy of those that fought.”

Event dates 17th-21st November.

Commences from a secret location in the South of England.

To take part in the 2014 ‘Run, supporting the Henry Surtees Foundation visit  ;

The Henry Surtees Foundation assists people with brain or physical injuries caused by accident to return to community living by the provision of support for equipment and facilities; advance young people in life by helping them to develop their skills, capacities and capabilities so that they can participate in society as independent, mature and responsible individuals and advance their  education and relieve unemployment.

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