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Nani Roma/Michel Perin (ES/FR) is leading the field at the Baja Aragón in Spain, his home event in the FIA World Cup for Cross Country Rallies. The driver of the Monster Energy X-raid team is 33 seconds ahead of second placed driver, his teammates Orlando Terranova/Moi Torrallardona (AR/ES), in the overall classification. Erik van Loon/Wouter Rosegaar (NL/NL) in the third MINI ALL4 Racing is currently in a strong 3rd position.Mini Aragon14a

The Baja Aragón is held in the Aragón region 250 km east of the Spanish capital Madrid. The drivers have to face a total of 666.13 kilometres against the clock between Teruel and Calatayud. The conditions are really tough. The gravels roads are twisty, the temperatures rise well above 30 degrees Celsius during this time of the year.

On day 2, the drivers had to tackle a total distance of 333.13 kilometres. A lot of cars broke down due to engine failures and other technical problems. The MINI ALL4 Racing cars, however, again proved to be reliable and quick at the same time. Four of them are currently lying in the top 10.

Vladimir Vasilyev/Konstantin Zhiltsov (RU/RU), the current World Cup leader, is 5th overall at the moment, Martin Kaczmarski/Tappio Suominen (PL/FI) is in 7th place. Tomorrow the route of the Baja Aragón will lead the drivers further north to Calatayud, where two more challenging stages are being held, before the cars will cross the finish line in the afternoon.

Overall standings after the 2nd leg of the Baja Aragón:

1. Roma/Perin (ES/FR) MINI ALL4 Racing  – 4h 47m 12s
2. Terranova/Torrallardona (AR/ES) MINI ALL4 Racing – 4h 47m 45s
3. Van Loon/Rosegaar (NL/NL) MINI ALL4 Racing – 4h 53m 00s
4. Zheludov/Rudnitski (RU/RU) Toyota – 4h 56m 08s
5. Vasilyev/Zhiltsov (RU/RU) MINI ALL4 Racing – 4h 58m 08s

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