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birkett14 (6)Quite possible one of the most entertaining but baffling races you could ever wish to see. 70 teams of between 4-6 drivers and almost as many cars, it is almost impossible to keep track of this race as a handicap system is used so Smart cars can have just as much chance of winning as the Radicals. With BMWs, Caterhams, Ginettas, Locusts, MGs, Porsches & Saxos all thrown in to the mix this really is a race for anyone. In the end you just go with the flow and enjoy lots of overtaking and the sheer spectacle of 70 cars lapping Silverstone at one time.

Overall, the scratch race, 2013 winners The Winning Radicals took victory by 1 lap from Team JPR with the Inspires on the same lap, but in 3rd overall. In the handicap race it was Six Signatures who took victory from the Jagnuts by just over 8 seconds with Gradsports completing the podium.

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