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Three seasons, 19 wins from 22 events and 3 Championship titles. That is some scorecard!!

Alexander Vassallo from Corbridge, Northumberland joined the Brick & Steel Junior 1000 Ecosse Challenge in 2012 not long after his 14th  birthday. He immediately established himself at the top of the podium and headed the points table throughout his 3 year career. Driving a Citroen C1 Junior 1000 rally car, his driving talent was obvious from the word go and while the other Junior drivers tried very hard to catch up he was able to develop his rally-craft and keep himself well out of trouble. And now, just after his 17th birthday, he leaves the Junior 1000 scene with a tremendous record to seek further success in the “senior league”.

Alexander commented:
“2014 has been another brilliant year, 8 wins from 8 starts and it’s terrific to finish my Junior career how we started it with a clean sweep of all the events. Winning the Championship for the 3rd time has been a real pleasure. It’s also been great to see how much the other competitors have developed as well, and to finish off I would like to thank everyone who has made my Junior career so special”

David Barlow, Championship Co-ordinator added:
“When Alexander appeared at our very first event in 2012 we did not know what to make of him. We had worked with all the other drivers throughout their basic training in 2011 and knew their capabilities. But after 5 minutes of the very first stage we knew we were dealing with someone special. This was a bit of a shock for the others to start with but then after a while his stage times became the benchmark for others to aim for. A great incentive for them to up their game.  One or two came close to mounting a challenge but could not match his consistency and stage psychology. He went fast when he had to but took no chances when he did not have to. This is the sign of a real Champion and we are confident that we will see Alexander’s name at the top of the winner’s list in whatever Championship he decides to tackle. And we will always be proud of the part that we played in preparing him for that challenge.”

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