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Daily Archives: November 28th, 2014

TIGOSE– A new partner for TIGOSE’s Apprenticeship Programme as the scheme grows
– Nottingham-based Emtec offers more disciplines as the Programme expands

TIGOSE (The International Guild of Specialist Engineers), the UK-based association which represents and supports specialists and businesses in the motorised historic and classic transport industry, announces today a new partnership with Emtec Colleges Ltd, to deliver training in more areas than the original scheme had planned: Paint, Panel, Trim, Customer Service, Parts and Machine Shop Engineering. Read More »

Mille Miglia, the very words roll off the tongue and bring visions of sleek sports cars driven at fantastic speeds through small villages and along country roads, to the delight of all who gather to watch.

Crowds – seemingly oblivious of any danger – watching the true heirs of the great city-to-city races which were run at the beginning of the 20th Century. It’s estimated that over five million men, women and children lined the route every year the race was run, come rain or shine.

Brescia was considered the birthplace of Italian motorsport and inhabitants were shocked when the Italian Grand Prix was ‘stolen away’ and moved to Monza in 1922. Read More »