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Cook Xmas14May 2015 bring you everything you need. It is going to be so exciting, I simply can not wait and I am sure you are excited too.

It has been a tough two years trying to fund raise a return to the WRC. Since 2012, despite achieving the goal of being the first female to gain a FIA mixed rally championship title, things have been tougher than ever. The rule changes for 2013 ruled me out financially. It has been the hardest test yet to keep pushing on to raise the funds without the excitement of competing to keep me fuelled. I have dug deep and I believe it is all for the best. I have gained the grit I need and I know that no obstacle will stand in my way.

As you know, you can count on one hand the females at the top level of World Motorsport. I am determined to change this, whilst achieving a personal goal to be the first female to be FIA World Rally Champion.

The World Rally Championship provides one of the largest sporting audiences on the planet. In being a part of this story, the media gains are incredible and the opportunity to connect with the mass UK and Worldwide WRC Fan audience is an incredible opportunity. There is an expected personal reach of over 14 million with over 80% of that in the UK.

Get on the Grid exciting January Sale Offers!

MegaSqaure –
Normally £400, yours for £330! You can ascend your brand with a MegaSquare. This provides great branding on the Grid and will guarantee your logo to stand out, creating more attention to your companies offerings to all website visitors throughout the season, plus good size branding on the Rally Car itself. The MegaSquare gives a fantastic 4×4 (100mm x 60mm) place on the grid.

PerfectPlot –
Normally £600, the PerfectPlot is available at an amazing £490. It provides the most dominant and eye catching place available on the grid. This branding will be clear to all website visitors and in the physical form on the Rally Car roof itself. This package provides the perfect plot with a 3X2 (150mm x 60mm) plot on the grid.

If you are already on the grid please be aware that your existing support will be deducted from the total sale too!

The Get on the Grid campaign offers a chance to support the cause at a cost of £100+VAT. In return you will receive:

-A permanent 50mm x 30mm placement on the rally car roof for the season.
-Your branding and a company description on the web page Get on the Grid.
-Entry into a free prize draw with a chance to win your branding on top of the rally car rear spoiler and be provided with 2 VIP Rally Passes for a day of the rally.

with only 0.4% of sports sponsorship going to female athletes, you could be the difference. It is a great cause and wouldn’t you like to see a female fight for the World Rally Championship title and carve a path to the top level of World Motorsport for all future aspiring females drivers.

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