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Ralf Tech avec EuroformulaFrank Huyghe, the founder of RALF TECH Timepieces has decided to support and encourage young talents. Already present in the automotive sport universe in the European Endurance Championship with its ambassador Nelson Panciatici and the Official Racing Team ALPINE, watch manufacturer RALF TECH has signed a partnership with EUROFORMULA School that nurtures and supports young racers!

RALF TECH, as a partner, just won the European Endurance Championship for the second year running, and has decided to increase its involvement in the sport by helping, through EUROFORMULA School of racing, young talented racers to climb the ladder of motorsport.

Such an association between an innovative timepieces manufacture and an avant-garde motorsport school is almost obvious, as per founder of RALF TECH Frank Huyghe’s own words:

« As it is abundantly clear now, at the time it was a gamble to partner a racing team and in fact it had been a difficult decision to make. In the end the risk paid off since we are the European Endurance champions with ALPINE and Nelson. This new partnership with EUROFORMULA was completely different, it happened naturally, it was the next obvious step forward for us! RALF TECH, a young brand, endeavouring to help young talents develop corresponds exactly to the brand philosophy; EUROFOMULA has built a strong organisation to identify and help racing drivers of tomorrow with talent and potential to reach the top of motorsport. This is a heartfelt partnership! »

As also highlighted by Laurent Fradon, Director of EUROFORMULA, discovery of talent is part of the DNA of any great racing school:

« We have been promoting and organising the « VOLANT EUROFORMULA » since 2010 with the aim of helping tomorrow racing drivers to access motorsport and to give them a boost with a purse of 60,000 Euro. Our objective is to establish this in the French motorsport landscape for the time to come. We would like it to become a rallying point for the sport and its drivers. Our new partnership with RALF TECH allows us to largely reach such a goal. We will now talk about the « VOLANT EUROFORMULA-RALF TECH »!

After having successfully launched the collectors’ watch ALPINE to commemorate the last win of the ALPINE Team at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1978, RALF TECH is creating a new timepiece the WRV »R » HYBRID EUROFORMULA. The 2015 « VOLANT EUROFORMULA » driver, Amaury Bonduel, will wear such timepiece during the entire 2015 racing season. This will be again another perfect occasion to demonstrate the reliability of RALF TECH timepieces, their accuracy and their capability to work in the harshest and most demanding conditions!

A watch brand and a French driving school that unite to support young French drivers is what we call a winning combination!                       

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