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Daily Archives: February 21st, 2015

raceretro15 (209)A cool wind blew through Stoneleigh on Saturday, but with bright sunshine and sideways rally cars, we had a good day. One of the largest variety of cars to date and over 50 of them running through the stage, there was plenty to entertain. Of those crews it was the father and son of Dai & Ben Llewellin who took turns in various cars, most notably the Skoda Octavia WRC, which was excellent value. There were the usual sideways Escort MkII’s, Audi Quattro’s, Ferrari 308 GTB’s and Metro 6R4’s plus many more. Add the noise of the Firenza Chevrolet V8 and it was all you could ask for. Read More »

The successful and prolific history of the world famous Lola marque is set for a new era in 2015. Plans for the promotion and expansion of its brand heritage have been announced today at the Race Retro International Historic Motor Show.

The Lola Heritage division has activated a partnership with the successful operation behind the Chevron name and trademark, Helen Bashford-Malkie & Vin Malkie. Today’s announcement ensures a complete distinction between the individual Lola and Chevron brands. Martin Birrane continues to be the custodian of the Lola name, trademarks and its copyrights. Read More »