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Quentin Mitchell Voi RallyThe QMR Rally Team, supported by Shell V-Power and Velvex Tissue, is ready to overcome adversity and are headed to the forthcoming KCB Eldoret Rally in positive spirits. Their Skoda S2000 supercar, which races on D-Mack Tyres, has been fully rebuilt and team driver Quentin Mitchell has recently returned from an ambassadorial trip to the United States of America where he spoke at a convention about the power of motorsport in modern marketing.

After the disappointment of the KCB Voi Rally, when the Skoda was halted by electrical problems caused by exceptionally long grass in the centre of the road causing a minor exhaust fire, the QMR Team have worked tirelessly to ensure that their car, the only one of its kind competing in Africa, is ready to challenge again in Eldoret. This is a rally that Quentin has contested before, causing controversy but ultimately helping direct the sport in a newer, safer direction. In 2012 I ran as first car on the road in Eldoret. Back then the rally ran competitively along busy roads and my co-driver and I decided that the safety of the event and locals had been compromised to a severe level and we took it upon ourselves to halt the stage. We received a reprimand for our actions but ultimately the sport sat up and took notice. The organisers are now going to great efforts to find us rally roads that are less populated and now our sponsors, Shell V-power, have agreed to finance a helicopter to help raise the safety level even higher.

The KCB Eldoret Rally will see the competing crews tackle a total of six competitive sections between Eldoret and Eldama Ravine, including two runs of the world famous Flourspar Stage, previously used when the World Rally Championship used to visit Kenya. Although the high altitude will hamper the normally aspirated super cars, the tight and technical nature of the stages should give the nimble Skoda an advantage over its rivals.

Follow Quentin and the team this weekend via his social media outlets – twitter (QGMitchell) or Facebook (Quentin Mitchell Rallying) or visit the website –

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