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Belfast Boys– Project Velocity is a unique engineering and record-breaking project driven by students from Northern Ireland
– The team heads for the USA this summer, targeting a nearly 50 year old land-speed record immortalised in film by Hollywood
– Project Velocity to be highlighted in new Discovery Channel series in 2016 is seeking sponsors to support the adventure

Project Velocity
The team of friends, who are all studying mechanical engineering at Queen’s University Belfast, and their families, are led by Sam Marsden, a seriously dyslexic but supremely talented and motivated 23 year old engineering undergraduate. They set out for the Bonneville Salt Flats this summer where they will attempt to break a 48 year old land speed record.

The aim of Project Velocity is to design a full fairing motorcycle to take to Bonneville and set a new land speed record of well over 200mph in the 1000cc Streamline Class S-F beating the 184mph record set in 1967 by New Zealander Burt Munro. Munro’s record was subsequently dramatised by Hollywood in the film The World’s Fastest Indian featuring legendary Oscar-winning actor, Sir Anthony Hopkins.

Very few Brits have experienced the speed that Project Velocity is aiming to achieve, and they have the backing of Munro’s family; this rare challenge, that is taking all their engineering know-how, will feature in an upcoming Discovery Channel series, Meet The Superbrains. Project Velocity is now seeking financial support to help them secure the record and pay for key logistics and services as they take on the Bonneville Salt Flats in October.

Sam Marsden, project manager, said: “We have completed the design of the bike using powerful computer simulation tools available to us through Queen’s University Belfast to verify our capability of breaking this record.  We are now in the process of building our bike but we urgently need additional financial support to progress this project and realise our ambition.

“We are seeking sponsorship for this innovative project and already have the support of former Northern Ireland motorbike racer, Philip McCallen, who believes we will secure the record if we can pull the project together and get the team to Bonneville. This is our biggest challenge.

“Project Velocity will showcase just what commitment and desire, combined with engineering talent and skills, can deliver on a global scale. We also hope that it helps raise the profile of education in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) subjects as it aims to deliver the British engineers of tomorrow. In particular as a dyslexic I am personally focused on inspiring young people with learning difficulties to pursue further education and ultimately inspire them to follow their dreams.”

Meet The Superbrains
Project Velocity are in good hands and expected to feature heavily in the Discovery Channel series which is being produced and directed by Stephen Mizelas whose CV includes the BBC’s Big Bang Theory and How To Build… series’ in 2012 and ’13 that featured some of the UK’s leading technology firms, such as McLaren Automotive (How To Build a Supercar).

Mizelas is also the ideal man for Project Velocity as he knows Bonneville, having filmed Speed Dreams, a series that followed British attempts to set speed records at the Bonneville Speed Week in 2013. Importantly for Project Velocity, Meet The Superbrains will position the team alongside globally influential engineering and design powerhouses such as Google, Apple and the CERN EU Organisation for Nuclear Research.

Mizelas said: “Sam and the Project Velocity team will, I am sure, take a lead role in ‘Meet The Superbrains’ as they are clever, fun, young and motivated in equal measure, which is perfect for a film. As British students, the team is amateur in its background, but highly professional in its behaviour and ambition, which makes a great counterpoint and a really engaging contrast to the global billion-dollar stars that we will also feature.”

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