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In the eighth round of the FIA Cross Country Rally World Cup in 2015, the (until 30 August 28.), took Baja Poland the MINI ALL4 Racing, the first two positions. Local hero Krzysztof Hołowczyc (POL) used his home advantage and secured his fifth win in this event. The overall leader in the World Cup, Nasser Al-Attiyah from Qatar, finished second.

Together with his co-pilot Ł Łukasz Kurzeja (POL) took local hero Hołowczyc a comfortable victory. But the joy is also a bit of melancholy, the experienced veteran gave at the presentation ceremony mixed known about the victory that he will retire and the cross country rallying.

Mini Poland15 (6)Krzysztof Hołowczyc (MINI ALL4Racing):
I am very happy, and I would like to end each day of the rally like that. The important thing is that I, like probably felt after six months, where I have not been in this car right away again therein. I’ve never driven with such a great suspension. The car is sensational. You have it in so many areas further improved in the past six months. We had a really smooth rally and I want to thank my co-driver Łukasz who has pushed me really.

After he announced his retirement, said Hołowczyc: “After more than ten years in off-road rallying I have decided to end my cross-country career. In these years I have brought many good and sometimes excellent results. Sometimes I had to suffer defeats. I stood on the Dakar on the podium, was successful in the FIA World Cup and have won many rallies. There were ten fantastic, but also very hard years, especially when I have suffered my serious injury. But it was the thing worth it. ”

He continues: “My goal from the beginning was to go on the Dakar to the podium. And this dream came true this year. Therefore, perhaps the best moment to say goodbye, which, if you’re successful. I’m not quite quit rallying. I plan to occasionally attend a rally. That’s me my wife and my family guilty, who strongly supported me for 30 years in my motorsport career. In this particular moment, I would like to thank at X-raid team boss Sven Quandt and who has always believed in my abilities and my talent. I will always remember that he has given me in the most difficult phase of my career a helping hand. ”

The Polish duo, which was launched in LottoTeam MINI ALL4 Racing, won ahead of the World Cup leader Nasser Al-Attiyah and co-driver Mathieu Baumel (FRA). While Al-Attiyah and Baumel had taken the lead in the first leg, but since they are not so well know the terrain like Hołowczyc, they could not go the pace.

After the two stages on Saturday confirmed Al-Attiyah, he focused on to bring a secure second place and extend its overall lead with the corresponding points – he has achieved this goal. Given the difficult conditions on the military training area, the rugged slopes and the fact that he was not too familiar terrain, was pleased with the outcome of MiniPilot from Qatar.

Mini Poland15 (7)Nasser Al-Attiyah (MINI ALL4Racing):
I am pleased with a very good second place. We have done a good job and I’m pretty satisfied. But Hołowczyc was incredibly fast. Under these circumstances, I have decided to concentrate on the points for the World Cup. I want to win this year, and that’s more important for me than the victory at this event. ”

Another satisfied MINI ALL4 Racing driver was Jakub Przygonski (POL), who familiarized themselves with the new car for him at his home race. Co-driver Andreas Schulz (DEU) navigated Przygonski on his way to a seventh place. The racer, who is better known for his success on the rally motorcycle, said: “I feel more and more comfortable in car and lose compared to the peak less and less time. So I’m making progress. I am very happy and want to thank my co-driver. The rally was a lot of fun and I was able to maintain a good pace over the entire distance. The car was excellent and also with respect to the navigation we had no problems. ”

Unfortunately, this did not apply to Adam Malysz (POL) and his co-driver Xavier Panseri (FRA), in Orlen MINI ALL4 Racing. The duo struck on Saturday a wrong path and also suffered a puncture. But in the final sprint, they fought back and secured a respectable eighth place.

As with Al-Attiyah the unfamiliar territory for MINI ALL4 Racing’s Erik Van Loon (NLD) was a factor. He finished with passenger Wouter Rosegaar (NLD) twelfth grade and said: “. I took part in this rally for the first time and it is not easy to be fast straight away”

Mini Poland15 (5)The MINI ALL4 Racing duo Stephan Schott (DEU) and Pedro Velosa (PRT) came on the 15th place finish.

Position Driver Co-driver Start number
1st Krzysztof Hołowczyc (POL) Lukasz Kurzeja (POL) 106
2nd Nasser Al-Attiyah (QAT) Mathieu Baumel (FRA) 101
7th Jakub Przygoński (POL) Andreas Schulz (DEU) 116
8th. Adam Malysz (POL) Xavier Panseri (FRA) 108
12th Erik Van Loon (NLD) Wouter Rosegaar (NLD) 105
15th Stephan Schott (DEU) Pedro Velosa (PRT) 125

Racing calendar: FIA Cross Country Rally World Cup 2015
20/02 – 22/02 Baja Russia
27/03 – 02/04 Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge
18/04 – 24/04 Sealine Cross-Country Rally Qatar
10/05 – 17/05 Pharaohs Rally
25/06 – 28/06 Baja Italy
24/07 – 26/07 Baja Aragón
13/08 – 16/08 Baja Hungary
27/08 – 30/08 Baja Poland
03/10 – 09/10 Rallye du Maroc
22/10 – 24/10 Baja Portalegre 500Mini Poland15 (4)

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