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Seat Rosell– Spanish Baporo Motorsport driver lifts his second SEAT Leon Eurocup title
– Lucile Cypriano (JSB Competition) wins the last race of the season with Manuel Gião (Baporo Motorsport) and Jimmy Antunes (Monlau Competición) on the podium
– Lucile Cypriano also secures ownership of the ‘Ladies Trophy’

The SEAT Leon Eurocup has a winner. After taking his fourth race triumph of the season on Saturday, Pol Rosell (Baporo Motorsport) has successfully defended his title as the king of the international single-make series. Stian Paulsen (Stian Paulsen Racing), his closest rival, has to be content as series runner-up after dropping out of the battle on the final lap. Victory in the race at the weekend and the last of the season belonged to Lucile Cypriano (JSB Competition) followed by Manuel Gião (Baporo Motosport) and ‘rookie’ Jimmy Antunes (Monlau Competición) as the trio formed the closing podium of the year.

Perseverance was the key for Pol Rosell in the latest edition of the exciting racing series. The Spanish driver rose to the top of the SEAT Leon Eurocup standings at Estoril, Portugal for the second round of the season. The Baporo Motorsport racer only lost control once – at the Nürburgring – although he was back in charge by the time of Monza and didn’t back off. He ultimately sealed the deal with 4 wins, 2 second positions and 3 third places and was the central protagonist, shining brightly at the wheel of the SEAT Leon Cup Racer.

A superb 2015 term went as follows: In the first race of the season he was ever-present on the podium with a 3rd and a 2nd. At Estoril he posted his first win and was 3rd in the next race. In the UK, at Silverstone, he was 2nd but also suffered his first ‘0’ and in Austria went 5-1. At the Nürburgring things did not work out and he lost the position as leader of the series with a 7th and another non-classification. Monza was a good weekend for Pol Rosell and he climbed back to the top with a 5th and his third victory. The last fixture on the SEAT Leon Eurocup calendar saw him achieve his fourth win on Saturday and with fifth position on Sunday he was able to own the SEAT Leon Eurocup for the second time in a row.

The Baporo Competition representative was crowned winner on the same stage as 2014. The Barcelona-Catalunya Circuit has come to be something of a talismanic venue for the racer. He conquered the 2014 incarnation of the series with 68 points and a tussle with Manuel Gião. Today he managed it with 88 points in the standings and ahead of Norwegian Stian Paulsen who, although unable to achieve his objective, showed tremendous pace and spirit through the recently finished campaign. Rosell and Paulsen’s duel for the title was a thrilling show for all motorsport fans.

Lucile Cypriano (JSB Competition) confirmed her position as the outright winner of the Ladies Trophy, and was the undisputed star of the final sprint in the European series. Cypriano ended the season in the best possible way with the title and the chequered flag in front of an eager crowd. The young Frenchwoman stopped at nothing to show her talent in the SEAT Leon Eurocup. Lucile Cypriano, with one ‘pole position’ at Estoril and reaching the scoreboard in six races, has managed to be the best ‘lady’ on the grid. Overall it was a deeply impressive debut term by the JSB Competition ‘rookie’ who ends the year 10th in the overall standings.

The SEAT Leon Eurocup can now draw the curtains on an intense and captivating 2015 spectacle. Engines were fired up for the first time at Paul Ricard and the show rolled onto Estoril, Silverstone, Red Bull Ring, Nürburgring, Monza and lastly Barcelona. Across seven European circuits and 14 races the single-make trophy now wraps for the second year after yet more success, emotion and some unforgettable on-track scenes.

Pol Rosell, Baporo Motorsport, Winner of the 2015 SEAT Leon Eurocup, 5th in today’s race: “Amazing! We’ve managed to win the SEAT Leon Eurocup for the second year in a row: what more can you ask for?! After the win yesterday we knew that the last one would not be easy by any means but despite this we managed to enjoy it and drove a very conservative race. I have to give thanks to all of my team because across the whole season they have done some fantastic work and this is a result that we have all gained.”

Lucile Cypriano, JSB Competition, 1st in the 14th race of the 2015SEAT Leon Eurocup, 9th in the standings. Winner of the Ladies Trophy: “Really happy! I think I produced one of my best races and I’m very pleased about that. My team was able to give me a competitive car and I did not waste the opportunity. I’ve become the first girl to win a race of the SEAT Leon Eurocup and that is a source of great pride for me; I hope it won’t be the last time!”

Manuel Gião, Baporo Motorsport, 2nd in the 14th race of the 2015 SEAT Leon Eurocup, 13th in the standings: “It was a really difficult race because at the beginning we had some problems and this meant we dropped from second down to seventh half way around the first lap. Anyway we were able to pick up the pace, find a rhythm and little by little were able to regain positions up to where we originally set-off. In the end we have to be satisfied even if it turned out to be a tricky season. I hope things will go a lot better for the next one!”

Jimmy Antunes, Monlau Competición, 3rd in the 14th race of the 2015 SEAT Leon Eurocup, 18th in the standings:“For my second race in the SEAT Leon Eurocup I don’t think things went that badly. This has been my first experience with the Cup Racer and, honestly, I loved it. Yesterday we also managed to get on the podium, so I think we made some decent results here both for me and all the team at Monlau, to whom I want to give big thanks for the opportunity to be here.”

Jaime Puig, Director SEAT SPORT: “We have to be really satisfied with the development of the SEAT Leon Eurocup throughout the whole season. Exciting races with constant lead changes has become the principal ingredient for a series that grows with every step. At the event in Barcelona we had 33 cars on track and this shows the success of the SEAT Leon Eurocup and more importantly the progression we have made. Now, and without pause, we are totally focussed on next season which we hope will continue the strong direction that we are currently making.”

14th race classification:

1. Lucile Cypriano (#9), JSB Competition; +32.667
2. Manuel Gião (#2), Baporo Motorsport; +43.698
3. Jimmy Antunes (#18), Monlau Competición
4. David Cebrián (#4), Monlau Competición; +32.028
5. Pol Rosell (#1), Baporo Motorsport; 28:02.138
6. Julien Briché (#3), Julien Briché
7. Alexander Morgan (#22), Baporo Motorsport; +24.628
8. Mauricio Hernández (#10), Target Competition
9. Mario Dablander (#61), Target Competition
10. Niels Langeveld (#24), Target Competition; +5.692
11. Munkong Sathienthirakul (#25), Monlau Competición; +43.998
12. Laia Sanz (#44), SEAT Sport; +1’03.386
13. Lourenço Beirão Da Veiga (#20), Liboro Racing Team
14. Marie Baus-Coppens (#21), JSB Competition; +51.059
15. Dejan Bulatovic (#12), Lein Racing; +1’54.564
16. Jeremie Lesoudier (#14), Jeremie Lesoudier
17.  Harriet Arruabarrena (#16), PCR Sport; +51.259
18. Alberto Bassi (#99), SEAT Sport
19. Mladen Lalusic (#17), Lein Racing; +1 vuelta
20. Shane Anthony Williams (#8), Wolf-Power Racing
21. Stian Paulsen (#34), Stian Paulsen Racing; +6.855
22. Edina Bús (#87), B3 Hungary KFT

Non classified:
Marco Pellegrini (#67), Marco Pellegrini
Jordi Oriola (#33), Target Competition
Jürgen Schmarl (#11), Target Competition
Amalia Vinyes (#13), Baporto Motorsport
Attila Tassi (#19), B3 Hungary KFT
Thibaut Mourgues (#5), Thibaut Mourgues
Jean-Laurent Navarro (#77), Jean-Laurent Navarro
Mikel Azcona (#6), PCR Sport
Mateu Clement (#73); Mateu Clement

Stefano Zanini (#23), Stefano Zanini

2015 SEAT Leon Eurocup classification:

1. Pol Rosell (#1), Baporo Motorsport; 88 points
2. Stian Paulsen (#34), Stian Paulsen Racing; 77 points
3. Mikel Azcona (#6), PCR Sport; 66 points
4. Julien Briché (#3), JSB Competition; 45 points
5.Alexander Morgan (#22), Baporo Motorsport; 43 points
6. Jordi Oriola (#33), Target Competition; 37 points
7. Mario Dablander (#61), Target Competition; 35 points
8. Fran Rueda (#28), Monlau Competición; 34 points
9. Lucile Cypriano (#9), JSB Competition; 29 points (LT)*
10. Shane Anthony Williams (#8), Wolf-Power Racing; 24 points
11. Mauricio Hernández (#10), Target Competition; 17 points
12. Thibaut Mourgues (#5), JSB Competition; 15 points
13. Manuel Gião (#2), Baporo Motorsport; 14 points
14. Loris Hezemans (#50), Target Competition; 13 points
15. David Cebrián (#4), Monlau Competición; 12 points
16. Jonathan Cocker (#8), Wolf-Power Racing; 11 points
17. Niels Langeveld (#24), Target Competition; 7 points
18. Jimmy Antunes (#18), Monlau Competición; 6 points
19. Norbert Kiss (#15), B3 Hungary KFT; 5 points
20. Jürgen Schmarl (#11), Target Competition; 5 points
21. Andrina Gugger (#24), Target Competition; 2 points (LT)*
22. Stefano Zanini (#23), Stefano Zanini; 2 points
23. Lourenço Beirão Da Veiga (#20), Liboro Racing Team; 1 point

* Ladies Trophy

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