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Glyn15 finlayretsonEight Brick & Steel Junior 1000 Ecosse Challenge crews headed for Anglesey and the Glyn Memorial Junior Rally on 31st October/1st November. It was a long trip, made longer by the M6 on a Friday afternoon. But after 2 days of testing rallying, everybody made their way home with smiles on their faces.

This was the final round of the 2015 Championship and the top 2 places had been settled at the previous round. Peter Bennett/Arthur Kierans are the 2015 Champions and decided to sit this event out so for second placed Finlay Retson/Andrew Falconer (Citroen C1) it was a “no pressure” event. They did a “clean job” and came home first Scottish crew and fifth overall on the event . There was some small drama on Saturday with a lurid spin at one point but they got away with it!!!

Glyn15 judemacdonaldThe real battle was for third place in the 2015 Scottish Championship between Harry Chalmers (Nissan Micra) and Ewan Tindall (Citroen C1). The day started with Chalmers ahead on points in the Championship table but with Tindall hot on his tail. Chalmers just needed to stay within a couple of places from Tindall to secure the final podium spot in the 2015 Championship. At the end of day 1 it was all going to plan for Chalmers and co-driver Steven Hay. They ended the day with an 8 second lead over Tindall. Saturday was not a good day for Tindall. He started the day feeling unsettled, hadn’t slept well on the Friday night and his times on the earlier stages reflected this. But this all changed on Sunday. In the drying conditions, Chalmers knew that he would have a job to stay in front of Tindall but the gap to the next up Scottish crew was a comfortable one. And Chalmer’s day started with those wee gremlins that just unsettled a driver . The car wouldn’t start after lying out all night (but Chief Mechanic Scotty Miller spoke nicely to it and hit it in the right spot and soon had it running). And in the queue for the first stage the temperature started going up and they had to return to service to top up the coolant thus losing their position in the running order. Tindall swept past Chalmers on the first 2 stages of day 2 but Chalmers was still in a “safe place”. But that all changed on the fourth stage of the day when Chalmers missed out part of the stage and received a stage maximum time as a penalty. This saw him plummet down the results to 5 places behind Tindall. They continued but worse was to come on stage 14 when they clipped a large pair of lorry tyres protecting a manhole cover at edge of the road. The impact put the car on its side and then onto its roof. Marshalls very quickly put it the right way up but the damage was done and they just drove slowly out of the stage for another stage maximum time. A very sad way to end what had been an excellent performance by Chalmers. Tindall then cruised to second Junior 1000 Ecosse Challenge finisher and sixth overall for the event thus taking third podium place in the Scottish Championship.

Glyn15 ewantindallThis late drama promoted Jude MacDonald/ Michael Cruickshank (Nissan Micra ) to third Scottish crew home and eighth overall for the event. MacDonald’s benchmark for the season had been Harry Chalmers – both in very similar cars. After day 1, MacDonald was 8 seconds behind Chalmers. The damp and dark conditions on day 1 suited MacDonald well but on day 2 Chalmers was able to open the gap up to MacDonald before he hit his problems. But no matter, it was a brilliant performance from all 3 drivers contending for that second Scottish spot. In the end it went to Tindall, followed by MacDonald.

This was the final round of the 2015 Brick & Steel Junior 1000 Ecosse Challenge and the next event is the Annual Awards Ceremony in Glasgow on 28th November.Glyn15 tindallretsonmacdonald

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