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Baggsy Monza15aAfter an amazing weekend at Gymkhana Grid, Baggsy returned to the Monster Energy line-up for the Monza Rally show in Italy for the second successive year. The show, which brings together a huge variety of racers from both two and four wheels would also see drivers such as fellow Monster athelete Valentino Rossi entertain his home crowd after an unfortunate ending to his 2015 MotoGP campaign.

Before each event was due to take place, Baggsy would take to the track to entertain the ever-growing Monza crowd, with over 50,000 spectators in 2014 and many more this time round.

There’s no doubt that the fans love to see the drift demos take part in the show which is otherwise dedicated to legends of various motorsports which the past driver-list in its 30-year history boasts names such as Colin McRae, Alessandro Zanardi and Lewis Hamilton.

Baggsy Monza15bOne of the highlights of these events has to be the Monster Rig Riot, fans gather in their masses to have the opportunity to catch some Monster merchandise from their favourite drivers.

It’s a great opportunity to get up-close and personal while signing autographs for the fans.

As always, it was an absolute pleasure to attend the Monza Rally show alongside some real legends of motorsport and we hope to return next year for another great end to the season!

With 2016 getting underway, we can’t wait to kick off the year with our first event! Last month we loaded up the S13 into a container and shipped it to the UAE. Next stop will be Round 1 of the King of Nations World Championship in Fujairah! With names like the Drift King, Keiichi Tsuchiya on-board, it’s sure to be a great start to the year!

Stay tuned for updates coming soon!

In the meantime – make sure you check out the video from Monza below so that you too can experience what went down during this crazy event!

Steve Baggsy Biagioni 2009 British Drifting Champion. 2014 European Kings of Kings Champion. Monster Energy Athlete! #Baggsy  Baggsy Monza15c

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