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sportingtrial16 (49)Our first experience of Sporting Trials and we only happened to catch a great days entertainment as the Gold Star and Silver Star championships were decided. Out on the Welsh border near Knighton 35 crews tackled the slippery slopes and after the 1st round Ian & Sandy Veale had a solitary penalty point with John & Jordan Fack just another point behind. With Andy Wilks & Mark Smith back on 6 points ahead 5 crews on 7 point, it was going to be a tight battle through the next two runs. Simon & Clive Gracey picked up just 4 penalty points on the 2nd runs and jumped up in to 2nd overall, as the hills deteriorated. Ian & Sandy Veale still held the lead but 12 penalty points was outside the top 3 on this round, as 5 points separated the top 3, with the weather closed in.

After the lunch break and a fresh fall of rain on the churned up slopes, a score of single digit penalty points would be a thing of the past. Ian & Sandy Veale had a superb run scoring just 16 penalty points to finish on a total of 29. John & Jordan Fack  scored 20 penalty points and climbed back up into 2nd place after slipping back to 4th equal, after the 2nd runs. 29 penalty points saw Roland Uglow & Laura Wilks take the final podium position with a total of 47. Jerome & Jess Fack took the Silver Star with a total of 72 penalty points in what proved to be a great days motorsport.

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